Big Brother’s Mike Goldman reveals whether he’ll be back for the 2020 reboot

And he spills a surprising fact about Merlin’s iconic sign.

By Erin Doyle
There's no voice more distinctive in Australian reality TV history than Mike Goldman's.
Working as the narrator on Big Brother for its entire run from 2001 to 2014, Mike became as synonymous with the show as host Gretel Kileen.
And with a reboot of the show in the works at Channel Seven for 2020, Big Brother fans have been dying to know whether Mike will back on board as well.
Speaking to Hit105's Stav, Abby and Matt on Tuesday, Mike was quizzed about whether he'd been approached to return.
"Oh goodness me, who knows what Big Brother is doing. He works in mysterious ways," he teased, before confirming that producers have "not yet" contacted him.
Mike Goldman (pictured with Bree Amer) is synonymous with the Big Brother brand. Image: Getty
Mike also reminisced about one of the most memorable incidents in Big Brother history.
In the 2004 season, Merlin Luck staged a protest after his eviction from the house, covering his mouth with duct tape and holding up a sign that read "Free the refugees".
The contestant refused to speak to host Gretel live on stage, and the incident made national headlines.
WATCH: Merlin's infamous 'Free the refugees' protest became an iconic moment in Big Brother history. Story continues below...
Mike said he kept the letters that fell off Merlin's "Free the refugees" sign in 2004. Image: Network Ten
Mike said he hadn't heard from Merlin since but recalled his memories of the event.
"I was there that night. I remember when he pulled out the bib from his shirt. I was like 'Go, walk, what are you doing? You're on TV,'" he said.
"Then I'm like, 'Hang on… something weird's going on here'. And then he dropped a few letters from the sign but everyone could make it out anyway. I've still got some of those letters."
Meanwhile, details of the reboot are still up in air, with mystery still surrounding who will host the show.
Sonia Kruger was rumoured to be taking the reins after jumping ship from Channel Nine to Seven.
However, since then TV Blackbox has reported that Sonia will likely be appearing on Australia's Got Talent, replacing Manu Feildel.

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