The absolute best love story to come out of The Bachelorette so far

…and it isn't Sophie Monk's. It's Jimmy’s new man squeeze!

By OK! team
James ‘Jimmy’ Trethewie wasn’t the only heartbroken one when he was sent home by Sophie Monk, so were we (sad reactions only, thanks).
If you thought he needed a shoulder to cry on, sorry ladies, that job’s already taken – he’s got a new bestie that you’re going to have to get through first – the other former Bachelorette fave Luke Mcleod, 33.
“He’s been there with the man hugs… It’s been good to have Luke-y in the neighbourhood,” says 29-year old James.
The financial advisor tells OK! he was shocked about being sent home by the Bachelorette, admitting that at the time it was a “total blindside” and he didn’t hold up too well after the fact.
“I was gutted. I didn’t get the chat or the explanation, so I had to read between the lines. I didn’t have closure at the time, but I do now,” he shares.
Also, what came as a surprise was the fact that Blake Coleman was still standing there when he was sent packing.
“I was shocked that it was me to go before Blake,” he reveals, saying that Apollo Jackson probably has the best chance out of those remaining to take out the final rose.
What a catch! Anyone would be lucky to end up with total sweetheart Jimmy.
While James admits he’s moved on thanks to a good dose of man hugs, yoga, hikes and work, he’s not ruling out a life where he and Sophie are just mates.
“I hope we can turn what we had into a best friends kinda thing,” he admits.
So, does that mean he’s on the lookout for love again? You betcha! However, this time he wants to find it the old-fashioned way.
“If you meet someone face to face and there’s something that would be cool… If I bump into someone [and there’s a spark] I wouldn’t avoid it.”
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