Aussie actor Ben Lawson finds his feet in Hollywood on The Good Place

Happy as Larry (Hemsworth)

As far as flattering roles go, they don't come much better than being cast as a Hemsworth brother – even a fictional one.
This was the situation Aussie actor Ben Lawson found himself in when an opportunity to join Netflix comedy The Good Place popped up.
Ben Lawson has found success in Hollywood.
Ben, the older brother of fellow actor Josh Lawson, has been everywhere over the past 12 months. He appeared in season two of teen drama 13 Reasons Why, while continuing his role as Damian Rennett in Designated Survivor.
But undoubtedly the high point of this hot streak is joining the third season of The Good Place as Larry Hemsworth, the non-famous brother of the genetically blessed Australian acting clan.
"So he's, uh, kind of the fourth Hemsworth brother who no-one knows," Ben, 38, tells TV WEEK.
"He's not in the entertainment biz – he's like a normal guy, but because he's not a famous movie star, he's got a real complex about being this big loser."
Larry is Tahani's (Jameela Jamil) ex-lover, and while the two are quick to rekindle the flame, Larry's low self-esteem causes issues.
Larry Hemsworth (Ben) and Tahani (Jameela Jamil) in The Good Place.
"Tahani thinks he's an Adonis, but Larry just doesn't see it," Ben explains. "Comedy-wise, for an actor, it really let me see how far I could push that."
While it's only a guest role, it's clear Ben felt at home on The Good Place.
"The cast were unreal," he says. "I knew Kristen Bell, because she worked with my brother on [TV show] House Of Lies. And I've been a fan of Ted Danson since I can remember and he could not be nicer."
Larry and Tahani are in love... for a moment.
The Good Place Season 1 and 2 are streaming now on Netflix, with new Season 3 episodes dropping weekly, same day as the US.

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