Intruder alert! Will the Bachelorette’s Sam walk?

It’s no secret that there will be intruders dropping into The Bachelorette mansion any day now. And one of the boys is seriously SHOOK.

By OK! team
Sophie Monk fans around the country are waiting with baited breath for the intruder alarm to sound on The Bachelorette and one dashing Stuart Laundy to saunter in and sweep the stunning leading lady off her feet...
Suitor Sam Cochrane isn’t one of them.
Of all the Intruders set to go into the mansion, Stuart Laundy is said to pose the biggest threat.
The Sydney-based voiceover artist, who scored the show’s double delight rose, has shared his concern about fresh faces arriving at the mansion and possibly stealing Soph away from the original bachelors.
"The rumour of intruders started pretty quickly, [and] obviously we are men and we are afraid that our territory is going to get taken over at some point," the 31-year-old begins.
"The intruder rumour was rampant from the get-go and it was definitely [a] concern," he adds.
According to an insider, the reaction to dad-of-four Stu, 44, who is a Sydney-based pub baron reportedly set to inherit a family fortune of $500 million, arriving on the scene wasn’t exactly welcoming.
Especially when the guys found out that he had a date lined-up with the one-time Bardot songstress before - Soph bailed due to a hangover!
"[Stu] wanted to keep a lid on the fact he knew Sophie, because he predicted things would get out of hand, and they did," the spy tells. 

The fallout was apparently worse than anticipated, so much so that Sam threatened to pack his bags and head home for good.
"He [Sam] said if the new guys got a look-in he’ll seriously consider leaving," tells the source.
Fingers crossed he gets to cash in on at least one of his dates before he hits the road!
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