The Bachelorette: Sophie Monk’s parents go undercover to get to know her suitors

Uh-oh! Sophie's dad Andrew reveals he was less than impressed by some of his daughter’s suitors.

By Kietley Isrin
Getting the tick of approval from your partner’s parents is everything when you start a new relationship. And this week on The Bachelorette, Sophie Monk calls in the big guns - her mum and dad Andrew and Sandi - who go undercover (wigs and all) and dress up as chauffers to suss out the group of men vying for their daughter’s hearts.
"I’m very protective of Sophie," Sandi says.
"It's really important to me that Sophie is happy."
L-R: Sophie's mum, Sandi; Sophie; sister Lucy and dad, Andrew
Lucy went undercover too - complete with a wig!
Now, TV WEEK can reveal that while some of the bachelors managed to impress the potential in-laws, others failed miserably and are left shaking in their boots.
“I am concerned,” Andrew says after meeting the lads.
In fact, Andrew says he found it difficult not being able to chime in when hearing the conversations the boys were having about his daughter, admitting he was left a little worried.
"It’s actually tricky to keep a separate feeling when they are talking about your daughter because I didn't want to react," he reveals.
"I just really hope Sophie finds someone who respects her and makes her laugh.”
Despite his doubts, Andrew says at the end of the day it's Sophie's decision who she ends up with and he won’t stand in her way.
"I leave judgment to my daughter because if you don't like him, she'll love him," Andrew laughs.

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