Australian Survivor: Anneliese Wilson eliminated after the use of a Super Idol

Anneliese's hidden immunity idol was useless after Ziggy's Super Idol came into play.

By TV Week team
Last night’s tribal council on Australian Survivor was the best yet. It featured the use of an immunity idol AND a super idol – both of which resulted in Anneliese Wilson getting sent home.
Anneliese and Locky Gilbert were on the chopping block last night, but he got Nicola ‘Ziggy’ Zagame to side with him and use her super idol – which meant that it nullified the immunity idol.
Speaking to TV WEEK, Anneliese said: “It was a strange move but I think that was kind of the point of it. Ziggy had an amazing advantage and she didn’t want to go home without using it.
“There was a lot going on, but I think it came down to the fact that I played my Idol and it counted for nothing. The hardest part was when you go to play your Idol, you kind of sit pretty, watch the votes against you pile up, don’t be too cocky and hope that it works out.
“But when you let the votes pile up and all of a sudden your Idol is non-existent… it’s hard.
Annaliese was forced to tribe swap from Samatau to Asaga early in the game.
She continued: “I had so many thoughts go through my mind but I think the main one was, ‘what the hell else could I have done?’ I think I just soaked it in. It was cool, in a way I felt peaceful when it was happening but it was something that did sink in later and I was like ‘God dammit. What was that?!’”
Locky is playing a big game now after the tribes have merged, and Anneliese believes he’s now on everyone’s radar.
“Locky had a very interesting tactic come merge and that was to stir the pot. He’s not your dumb jock and I think he was pretty frustrated with the fact that people were underestimating him and I think he really wanted to mess things up. He’s lost a close ally in voting me out and turning on me, but he must have a plan."
Anneliese has noticed fake yoga instructor Henry Nicholson’s scheming too.“People are picking up on Henry’s scheming. When I first switched to Asaga, Luke was head hunting for the “kill Henry’s alliance” mission and I joined in on that one."
Anneliese thinks Locky (middle) is wanting to stir the pot.
She continued: “When I swapped back to Samatau, I reconnected with Locky and he was in with Henry which was worst case scenario for me. Henry has this reputation following him but he is a smart guy and he is making serious moves – he is definitely one to watch.
“It’s those kind of players who deserve to go far, the ones who don’t sit back and let other people call the shots. But at the same time you put yourself in danger when you’re always calling the shots."
Anneliese is proud of how she played.
“I went in with a pretty solid strategy and I relatively stuck to it. There were a few twists that came my way: the double eliminations, the exiles, the tribe swaps. The key was to be adaptable and never burn any bridges but sometimes there’s a Super Idol and you can’t do anything to stop that!
“I’m super proud of the way I played. I was almost sent home the first night my tribe went to tribal and I was always fighting and working off the bottom. If I’d known what was going to happen I would have played the last few days differently.”
So, who’s Anneliese’s pick to win? Luke Toki. “He manages to balance being such a compassion, kind person while also playing huge strategies. To me that’s worth half a million.”

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