Australian Ninja Warrior: Will there be a season 3?

After another final with no winner, will a third season be renewed?

We saw some amazing contenders on Australian Ninja Warrior this year, but after a second season where no one actually won the $200,000 prize money, will there be a third?
To be the winner, the contestant had to complete the eight obstacles in Stage 2 in less than two minutes 45 seconds, then six obstacles in Stage 3 and finally climb up the 22 metre rope to the top of Mount Midoriyama in less than 30 seconds.
And fans were not impressed, especially as the last-standing competitors didn't even make it past the second stage.
Speaking to Newscorp, host Ben Fordham said, "We know it took seven seasons in America for someone to finish so everyone always needs to keep that in mind."
"But that's not to say that someone's not going to beat the record in Australia. We have managed to achieve things much faster than the rest of the world."
Engineering student Rob Patterson came closest to winning this year, but fell at the Unstable Bridge which was the seventh obstacle in Stage 2.
Former Olympic gymnast Olivia Vivian, who wowed us with her backflip on the Warped Wall (be amazed by the video above) also commented that not having a winner isn't necessarily a bad thing.
According to Nine Honey, Vivian says, "They're not just going to give the prize money away. We have to earn it and put in the hard work to get there. the harder it is the more rewarding it is."
Vivian was the only woman who qualified to the Australian Ninja Warrior finals, but was defeated in the first stage. Still, we may see her again next year.
"I'm probably going to wait until season five, six, seven — until the prize money is a bit more than $200,000. Because let's get real, that doesn't buy you much these days!"
It sounds like Sashi's win on MasterChef was a more popular show last night. Will you tune in next year?