Ninja warrior Australia 2018: The answers to your most burning questions

How did Olivia Vivian do that incredible Ninja Warrior backflip Warped Wall trick? And how did 64-year-old Pa Rambo get THAT sixpack ahead of the show? You asked, we answered.

By Ellie McDonald
When it comes to feats of strength, agility and endurance, look no further than this season of Ninja Warrior Australia. From blitzing through the ball swing to powering up that infamous Warped Wall, the competitors toughing it out in this year's competition are proof that the human body really can do anything.
But aside from wanting to know how much training these incredibly strong athletes do in a week to get on to the show, it turns out you, like us, have many other questions about Ninja Warrior Australia 2018 that you want answered…

Who is Ninja Warrior’s Olivia Vivian?

Last year, former champion gymnast Olivia Vivian lost out to the Warped Wall, pushing her to train, train, TRAIN to take out this year's Wall (and she did so in gymnastic style). This 26-year-old café owner/Olympic silver medallist may have been born with a hole in her diaphragm and, later in life, fractured her back, but that's not going to stop her from being one serious contender in this year's season of Ninja Warrior.

Who is Ninja Warrior’s Ben Polson?

Western Australian, 6-foot-5 ninja Ben Polson powered through his heat without barely breaking a sweat. How?! Well, since last year, the 23-year-old has been training at Perth's Ninja Academy (along with his new girlfriend, fellow ninja Olivia Vivian) – that is, between gardening during the day and DJing at night.

Who is the Wiggle competing in Ninja Warrior? (simon wiggle ninja warrior)

He may be excellent at doing the Romp Bomp A Stop, but Red Wiggle Simon Pryce is apparently a fighting Ninja too! The 46-year-old, along with his PT wife Lauren Hannaford, 31, are in contention to take out this year's Ninja Warrior competition. Fun fact: prior to her time on Ninja Warrior, Lauren spent four-and-a-half years all suited up as The Wiggles' Dorothy The Dinosaur!
Simon and Lauren are teaming up for Ninja Warrior Australia.
These Wiggles are as fit as they are photogenic.

How did 64-year-old Rambo get THAT sixpack?

The oldest contestant on Ninja Warrior Australia ever, Ian Newland, AKA Rambo, says that he doesn't "look at age being a big deal", having always been an active person (including a stint as a male gymnast when he was young). He puts his fit-sique down to his love of sports, namely competitive paddling, and playing with/keeping up his grandkids.
Pa Rambo may've missed out on proceeding to the next round, but he has certainly etched his way into our memories!

Who are the Ninja Warrior presenters?

This year, Channel 9's Rebecca Maddern and Ben Fordham host the show, while Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff commentates by the sidelines.
Freddie, Rebecca and Ben have the dream job in presenting on Ninja Warrior Australia.

How tall is host Freddie Flintoff?

193cm, to be precise.
With Freddie's height, perhaps we could be a contender next season?

Who won Australian Ninja Warrior 2017?

Well, controversially, no-one did – a result that faced major backlash from not only the Australian public, but from then-Channel 9 star Lisa Wilkinson (whose son, Louis, is competing in this year's competition).
"The problem with everyone who got so involved and loved the show," she began, "you invested all of that passion and energy and you have made sure that you are sitting in front of the couch every night to see every single jaw-dropping moment and when you get to the end you at least want one person, who was better than everybody else, to have their moment of victory - and we didn't have that."
"I think that's where people are feeling a bit like: I wanted to celebrate something at the end."
Last season's competition ended with 21 ninjas coming up against one helluva tough three-stage course – and it was the third stage, Mt Midoriyama, that pulled everyone part.
The course required a ninja to do a 20m rope climb in just 30 seconds – a feat that no-one could complete.

Where is Ninja Warrior Australia filmed?

Cockatoo Island, Sydney.

Where can I watch Ninja Warrior?

On Channel 9 at 7:00pm, Sundays; 7:30pm, Monday and Tuesday.