TV WEEK scores a first look at Australian Ninja Warrior 2019

Here's everything you can expect from the new season of the hit show

By Luke Dennehy
The production of next year's Australian Ninja Warrior is going full steam ahead in the new location of Melbourne.
TV WEEK had a sneak peak of the multi million dollar Nine Network production at the new venue of Spotswood, just under Melbourne's iconic Westgate Bridge.
There are strictly no photos as Nine want to keep the details of the new set top secret.
But TV WEEK can report it is massive, with fireworks, big TV moments, and more competitive Ninjas part of the third series of the show.
Contestants face great physical challenges on ANJ.
The Grand Final of the third series will be filmed this Saturday in Melbourne, but it is expected it won't air until around mid next year, in between The Voice and The Block.
There are a few changes we can report, for the first time the Ninja that gets the furthest in the course without climbing Mt Midoriyama will win $100,000.
If a Ninja climbs Mt Midoriyama, which has never happened in two series of the hit show in Australia, they will win $300,000.
Jett Kenny competed on the show in 2018.
Rebecca Maddern, Ben Fordham and Freddie Flintoff are all back for a third series.
Rebecca told TV WEEK it was great to film the show in her home town of Melbourne.
"It's amazing we are in Melbourne for season three," she says. "I'm particularly excited that the Ninjas have had two seasons to prepare now.
"The first season they didn't know what to expect, the second season some were perhaps a little too over-confident, but this year we have some returning Ninjas but also some new younger guys who have watched the two seasons and are really making an impact."
Rebecca Maddern, Ben Fordham and Freddie Flintoff are all back for a third series.
We sat in the audience and, without giving too much away, there are some old Ninja favourites returning and as Rebecca said, some fresh, exciting talent to keep the show interesting.
We can't wait to tune in to Australian Ninja Warrior when it returns in 2019!

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