Australian Ninja Warrior's Tash Sergi opens up about her cancer battle

'I was quite sick'

She has tackled the tough Australian Ninja Warrior course, but in life, Perth personal trainer Tash Sergi has overcome so much more.
When she was 17, Tash was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and later thought she would never have children.
"I had my left ovary and left fallopian tube removed, and I underwent really aggressive chemotherapy," the 31-year-old tells TV WEEK. "I lost all my hair and a lot of weight. I was quite sick from it."
Tash Sergi has overcome a lot to make it to Australian Ninja Warrior.
Tash successfully fought the cancer, but at 24 there were some more health problems and she was given the worst diagnoses: she was likely never to have children.
However, in something that makes her an eternally positive person, she had what she describes as two "miracle" babies, Jaxon, five, and three-year-old Kody.
"We were very, very lucky," she smiles. "I fell pregnant naturally, and beat all the odds, with both my kids. I call them my miracle baby boys. They're just so special to me, especially after what I went through. The doctors were very surprised."
Now, the boys – and her partner Danny – are proud as punch of their supermum as she attempts the Australian Ninja Warrior course.
Tash says her cancer battle led her to be more resilient.
Her cancer battle has prepared Tash to take on absolutely anything, and that includes scaling Mount Midoriyama. It's also given her a huge amount of perspective.
"It definitely helped me be a bit more resilient," she says. "It taught me to not sweat on the small things anymore.
"You realise how short life really is. There's no point getting stressed over stupid things, because there are so many worse things that could happen."
Australian Ninja Warrior airs Monday and Tuesday at 7:30pm, and Sunday at 7pm, on the Nine Network.

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