Returning to her roots: Tammin Sursok open to the idea of returning to Home And Away

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Tammin Sursok’s life changed after rising to fame on the iconic Australian soap, Home And Away. Now the actress, residing in the United States, reveals she isn’t opposed to returning to her roots.

Between 2000 and 2004, Tammin made her debut on the soap opera as the character Dani Sutherland and despite claiming she was done with the genre, nostalgia could lure her back in.

Tammin has two beautiful boys.

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“[I would return] for a week, sure, why not?” she informed Yahoo Lifestyle. “I would probably give a nostalgic nod to Home and Away for sure.”

Even in 2022, she played a guest role on Neighbours as Montana Marcel.

“I always would have said I would never have come back to Neighbours or a soap at all, but I thought it was really cool and like nostalgia for me,” she said.

Bec and Tammin are still friends.

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“I almost had to do it to make sense of being on Home and Away.”

In a former interview with news.com.au, Tammin revealed starring on a soap opera as an adult was a “totally different experience”.

“Firstly, I can’t believe how many hours they shoot. I don’t think I could have a family and do that – it’s too many hours. But it was a really cool experience. I’m glad I did it,” she said.

“It was so long ago.”

Despite the temporary return to the soap world, she could never come back full time as intense schedules and shoots would equate to too much time away from husband Sean McEwen and two children, Phoenix and Lennon.

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But like many Australian actors who seek more opportunities, Tammin moved to the United States where she starred in Pretty Little Liars and soap opera The Young and the Restless.

Tammin still keeps in contact with some of her Home And Away co-stars including Bec Cartwright, Chris Hemsworth and Christie Hayes.

She told Yahoo Lifestyle: “Everyone is in different places in their lives, but it’s cool when you start with people [like] that, that’s awesome.”

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