Meghan & Harry have all but disappeared – but something is brewing behind the scenes

One of Meghan's key achievements last year suggests something big is in the works.
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What are they doing now?

That seems to be the question being asked by the masses in the wake of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s shock departure from their royal duties in January.

After releasing a statement barely a week into the new year announcing they would be “stepping back” as senior members of the what’s dubbed the ‘British Firm”, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have captivated the world like never before.

Fateful timing, some might say – because at a time where more people than ever would jump at the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the famous pair, they’ve now virtually disappeared.

Harry and Meghan have all but disappeared from the public gaze since they stepped back as senior members of the royal family.


Barely a week after the shock announcement was made by the royals, Meghan flew back to Canada, where she’s since remained with son Archie.

Not long after that, Prince Harry followed suit – but not before tying up a few loose ends in his home country.

Indeed Harry’s movements in the days following the announcement became the next big story – he attended a crisis meeting with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Prince William at Sandringham, where the logistics around his and Meghan’s new “financially independent” were nutted out.

As soon as the Palace released a statement confirming that both Meghan and Harry would now transition into a new pared-back role, which would see them split their time between North America and Britain, Harry boarded a plane to Canada.

Now reunited with his wife and son, the royal has not been seen in public since.

Meghan meanwhile has made a couple of private charity visits in Vancouver, but they have only come to light well after the fact via candid iPhone photos which were taken at the time.

Meghan and Harry have kept things low-key during their stay on Vancouver Island.


Ultimately, this leads us to ponder the obvious, what are Meghan and Harry doing now?

Given a key reason they stepped back was to avoid the constant scrutiny from media and the public, it’s understandable that there are few details around about their future movements.

What we do know is that they’re in Canada, and they intend to continue spearheading socially-conscious projects while highlighting various charities they’ve been involved with over the last two years.

But it doesn’t take a genius royal watcher to take a very accurate guess at what else might be brewing behind the scenes for these two.

Without a doubt, Harry and Meghan are quietly working on something big.


If you cast your minds back, you’ll recall that 2019 was quite the event-filled year for Harry and Meghan.

But while the birth of their first child, Archie, along with his christening would normally have been a very public event, the pair were notoriously private (at least, in comparison to the heavily publicised births of other royal babies in our time).

In the months following his birth, Meghan kept a low profile, making only a handful of public appearances here and there as she settled into life as a new mum.

Indeed the world revelled when she unexpectedly showed up to a charity baseball match with Prince Harry in June.

And when pictures surfaced of her attending a polo match with Archie in tow – and with her sister-in-law Duchess Kate – it was like the world’s media had struck gold.

No one could have guessed the unprecedented events that would unfold a few months later. Nor were we aware just how busy she had been during her ‘maternity leave’.

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Come August, mere months after the birth of her son, it was revealed the Duchess had in fact been working on a monumental project – guest editing the September issue of British Vogue.

The job was no small feat – she spent countless hours researching, curating and eventually putting together the historic issue – all while she was supposedly taking a break from her work.

And that wasn’t the only big project she had bubbling behind the scenes.

Indeed shortly after officially ending her maternity leave in September, Meghan launched her brand new clothing line, designed in collaboration with charity Smart Works and several renowned British clothing labels.

In September 2019, Meghan launched a charitable clothing line with Smart Works.


Which ultimately leads us to the here and now, and why we feel that neither she nor Harry will just disappear.

If Meghan could pull off two huge, globally recognised projects all while she kept almost completely out of the public gaze, chances are she is cooking up something right now.

As she, Harry and Archie set up a new base in the North American country, we’re wholeheartedly confident that there’s a lot of new projects they’re working on that will eventually come to light.

And going by the magnitude of her Vogue and Smart Works achievements in 2019, as well as her passion and drive for social, ethical and sustainable causes, we’re guessing what’s next will be big, and intended to make a positive difference.

Watch this space…

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