The Crown claims Mrs Kennedy’s flirting with Prince Philip left the monarch teary

It also refers to the First Lady's apparent distaste for the palace's interior design.
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The much anticipated season two of The Crown is almost upon us and, much like the first one, it’s not pulling punches when it comes to the salacious elements of royal lives.

When the Kennedys visited the Queen and Prince Philip in 1961, there were rumours the night had caused tensions between the two leading ladies.

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Cecil Beaten wrote in his diary the First Lady had spoken poorly of both the Queen and her home, saying she was underwhelmed by Buckingham Palace’s interior design and the Queen’s personal style.

Writer Gore Vidal said Mrs Kennedy had described the Queen as “heavy going” and felt “resented”.

Jodi Balfour, who plays Jackie O in the series, hinted at the terseness between the two women.

“The Queen and Jackie don’t get off to a good start in the series because of Philip,” Balfour told Event magazine.

The Queen and John F. Kennedy

“The Prince is just a flirt [with her] and I don’t think there’s any intention behind it, but he’s going through a phase of liking a lot of women, as is [her husband] JFK.”

In the scene that is yet to air, the Duke of Edinburgh tells the Queen that Jackie has asked him to give her a tour of their home, according to The Telegraph.

“It’s my house so I’ll do it,” the Queen sharply replies.

The scene also depicts Prince Philip heavily flirting with Jackie, cheekily asking: “So, what star sign are you?”

The scene also has Lord Plunkett reveal Jackie described the palace as “second rate, dilapidated and sad, like a neglected provincial hotel.”

The biting comments leave the Queen teary-eyed but she firmly replies: “Well, we must have her again soon.”

Bring on the drama – we can’t wait.

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