Prince Harry rescues four-metre crocodile!

The young prince stunned onlookers as he tackled the reptile before helping to remove a hook from its mouth.
Prince Harry

Prince Harry the Crocodile Hunter!

The royal shocked onlookers as he showed no hesitation helping rescue an injured croc while on a conservation mission in Africa.

According to The Sun, the 31-year-old helped drag the injured animal to shore.

A source told the publication, “A crocodile had been caught in a trap and had a chain in its mouth and wrapped round its leg so Harry and the boys went looking to try and save it.

“It was a massive croc and really p***ed off as it was in pain.”

It’s not the first time Harry has had a wild encounter. Check out the time he wrestled a croc Down Under in the clip below! Post continues.

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Prince Harry was reportedly quick to jump in and help out.

Despite the danger of the activity, Harry was all hands on deck, helping to remove a hook that was trapped in the reptile’s mouth.

The crocodile was understandably pretty angry though, and lashed out, leaving Harry to jump out of its way just in the nick of time.

“Harry got completely involved in the action despite it being very dangerous,” the onlooker explained.

Harry has been a massive help on various conservation trips.

He continued: “The man has balls! The whole time you’re thinking how you could get bitten as the croc was not tranquillised and he could seriously hurt you at any stage.

“But Harry just got stuck in, helped tie it up and bring it into shore.

Witnesses say the group worked together to remove the hook, with someone eventually having to saw it off before they let the creature wander back to the water.

It was THIS BIG!

One of the rescuers says that all those present couldn’t believe how gung-ho Harry had been.

“Harry was as hands-on the whole time. We were very impressed about how involved he was,” an onlooker remarked, before adding that he was a very quick learner.

The fifth-in-line to the British throne had been engaged in an operation to rescue elephants that were being hunted by poachers when they spotted the trapped croc.

Harry’s always eager to get in on the action. Watch him fly a WWII Spitfire in the clip below.

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