Family ties are breaking as Prince Harry ‘betrays’ Kate Middleton in upcoming Netflix documentary

''He feels bad that Kate's being dragged into it''.
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After weeks of scurrilous and at times contradictive headlines over the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s impending Netflix docuseries, one thing is clear: none of the royal family is safe – least of all Prince Harry himself.

Amid reports that the series will hit screens in December after wrapping filming some months ago, US newspaper the New York Post claims that the Sussexes didn’t hold back when it came to dishing on King Charles, Queen Camilla, Prince William – and even Harry’s once much-loved sister-in-law Catherine, Princess of Wales.

Meghan and Harry have dished all.

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But now, after seeing some of the footage in a post-Queen world, Woman’s Day understands Harry’s having second thoughts.

“Meghan and Harry have been in their own little bubble in the US, where they were encouraged by producers to tell the world exactly what they were thinking about the royals – after all, that’s what’s going to sell,” says a source, but notes when the Queen passed, the penny dropped for Harry.

“He immediately started to worry he had misread the room,” explains the source who hints that Harry had been somewhat misguided on just how popular his family.

Sources say Harry’s spent recent weeks begging to re-shoot some scenes – especially the less flattering comments he and Meghan have said about Catherine.

Prince Harry and Meghan regret what they said.

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“Harry has seen some of the footage and with some clarity after his grandmother’s funeral, he feels bad that Kate’s being dragged into it again,” says a source.

“He must also realise it would be in his best interest to wheel back things he’s said about his father and brother, especially given the rumours that Harry would like to try and remedy his relationship with them next year.”

But sadly for Harry, he’s having trouble putting the toothpaste back in the tube.

Page Six reports that despite his pleas to re-shoot their series, helmed by notable director Liz Garbus, Netflix is pressing on with the show.

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“They invested 150 million into the Sussexes two years ago, and it’s time they had something to show for it,” says a Hollywood source.

“If they allow the Sussexes to walk back any of their dy-namite comments, they may as well not use it at all. Netflix is not only using him, but also his family’s story in The Crown [due out next month] as a way to fold in advertising for the first time. It was always about money for them.”

One source says, it’s been a “stark realisation” for Harry, who “must have figured out by now that he is a part of the Hollywood machine”.

Royal biographer Tom Bower was much more blunt when he said recently, “They are stuck with the devil, now”.

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