Princess Eugenie be warned! 10 times flower girls and page boys stole the show

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Even the best-laid plans fall victim to catastrophes – and never is that more valid than at a wedding, even royal weddings aren’t immune to a little bit of social chaos!

Prince George and Princess Charlotte have certainly become (the cutest) old hats when it comes to being in a bridal party and are about to step up once again at Princess Eugenie’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank.

So we can’t but help but reflect on some of the more unexpected delays and embarrassing mishaps caused by flower girls and page boys that only help to make ceremonies even more special.

All of a sudden, you realise that the flower girl who refused to cooperate was just the cutest little thing and that borderline-violent tackle for the bride’s bouquet is now something you can’t help but laugh at.

These newlyweds were fortunate enough to capture some of the best moments, from surprising page boy photo bombs to hilarious flower girl meltdowns.

We take a look at the royal kids and some royally wedding cheek when it comes to being the smallest person in a bridal party!

1. When Prince George would rather be anywhere else then at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding

Image: Getty Images

2. When Meghan’s page boy was just a little excited

(Image: ITV)

3. The flower girl who just wanted it to be over and done with at Will and Kate’s Royal wedding

Image: Getty Images

4. When Princess Charlotte just wanted to have fun at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s nuptials

Image: Getty Images

5. The flower girl and page boy who stole the spotlight with kiss

(Image: Imugr user couscousisgood)

6. This little flower girl on the run

(Image: Imgur user ManuelHe)

7. This page boy who has had enough and throws his pillow down the wedding aisle

(Image: Giphy)

8. This flower girl who made a big debut no one could forget

(Image: Giphy)

9. This sleepy page boy (dog) – maybe don’t include animals in your wedding…

(Image: Imgur user thund3rbolt)

10. This page boy and flower girl who seemed to have had a disagreement

(Image: Facebook)

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