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Pippa and Kate Middleton were little bridesmaids at Uncle Gary’s wedding

Who could forget Pippa Middleton capturing our attentions as her big sister's bridesmaid...Well it turns out she had some practice two decades earlier!
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Incredible new footage has emerged of Kate and Pippa Middleton as young little bridesmaid.

Back in 1991, the sisters stepped up for their mum’s brother Gary Goldsmith and Miranda Foote’s nuptials.

The sweet siblings wore pretty pink dresses with puffy sleeves and floral crowns.

Meanwhile younger brother James, donned a little tuxedo.

Catherine, who was just nine-years-old at the time, seemed delighted to be all dressed at the happy affair.

Meanwhile young Pippa, who is two years younger than the Duchess, seemed less than impressed with her bridal responsiblites.

The little cuties were filmed having a blast at the reception.

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Kate seemed thrilled to be at the nuptials… Pippa on the other hand seemed to foresee that she’d have another occasion to shine as a top notch bridesmaid. (Image: Exclusive one use via

Pippa dazzled as Catherine’s maid of honour.

Pippa certainly changed her tune in 2011, when the 33-year-old was the maid of honour for the royal wedding.

She famously made headlines for her breathtaking gown, that celebrated her figure.

“As I have found out, recognition has its upside, its downside and – you may say – its backside,” Pippa remarked at an event in 2014, adding that the infamous couture “fitted a little too well.”

Big sister Kate will have the chance to return the favour with Pippa set to marry her fiance James Matthew later this year, in May.

No doubt Kate has A LOT planned to celebrate her little sister’s impending nuptials

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