Adorable Mia Tindall’s day out with dad Mike Tindall

The pair had a ball as they cheered on mummy Zara Tindall at The Festival of British Eventing.
Mia Tindall Mike Tindall

Mike Tindall took some time out for a special daddy-daughter day with royally cute Mia Tindall as they supported Zara Tindall competing in a dressage festival.

Little Mia couldn’t contain her delight as daddy picked her up for a galloping piggy back ride around the field.

But there was only one problem: poor Mike was riding blind, as his little princess had covered her eyes!

The pair seemed in high spirits throughout the event, taking turns watching mummy as she rode her magnificent horse around the arena.

Giddy up, Daddy!

Cute kisses for Daddy’s little girl.

Then Mike let Mia have a special treat… a massive icy pole all to herself!

The little one struggled to manage the sweet treat all by herself, but soon got the hang of it.

At one point in the day, Mia couldn’t believe her eyes during a falcon show, where a giant majestic bird flew right up to them.

Mia rushes to eat her special treat without getting brain freeze!

But she’s definitely not too sure about that falcon!

At first the little blonde was fascinated by the winged creature, but she began to get more uncertain the closer she got to it.

In another gorgeous photo, the two-year-old can be seen with an exhilarated expression on her face as her aunt Autumn Phillips takes her on a while ride down an inflatable slide.

This slide is SO MUCH FUN!

Mia was very pleased to see Mummy after her competition.

Autumn has previously described her feisty niece as a “little wrecking ball” and a “little monkey”.

After her special bonding time with Daddy, Mia was happy to see mum in all her riding finery, and jumped into Zara’s arms for a cuddle, while Zara addressed the media.

See Zara’s amazing talent for horse riding in the clip below. Post continues.

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Meanwhile Mia’s 37-year-old dad says he and Zara have always been very keen to let Mia express herself.

“She’s got quite a little personality on her,” he said in a previous interview.

“We encourage that.”

See little Mia show off more of her famous cheeky personality in the clip below.

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