EXCLUSIVE: Cameron Robbie, the brother of Margot Robbie and fellow trailblazer, has scored a gig on iconic Aussie soap Neighbours

Just like Margot, Cameron is launching his career from Ramsay Street.

By Maddison Hockey and Jess Pullar
Cameron Robbie, the talented younger brother of Margot Robbie has scored a gig on beloved Australian soap Neighbours, and yes, he is looking well placed to blaze his own trail to Hollywood, just like his sister did.
The 21-year-old, who has worked as a model, has slowly been working on his showbiz profile behind the scenes - and adding Neighbours to the resume certainly won't hurt.
TV WEEK can confirm Cameron will join Neighbours in a guest role, with the first episode set to air in March this year.
He began shooting for the episodes in late 2020, playing lifeguard Jesse Porter.
The character comes from a wealthy background, but has decided to break away from the pressures he's had placed on him growing up.
Landing a summer job at Lassiters Hotel , Jesse arrives on Ramsay Street with the intention to take stock and figure out what he wants to do with his life.
Cameron will follow in his sisters footsteps, with a guest role on Neighbours in 2021. (Network Ten)
"When a director calls 'action' the world kind of falls away and that's my favourite feeling. It's nice to be surrounded by that and I've definitely felt so welcomed by the cast and crew on Neighbours," Cameron tells TV WEEK.
Of course, one can't forget how older sister Margot herself has roots that go back to Neighbours.
Margot played Donna Freedman, who was initially introduced as a guest character in 2008, but eventually became a regular cast member. Her final episode aired three years later in 2011.
Perhaps the same may go for Cameron - while his character is set for a guest appearance at this stage, anything's possible. Maybe Jesse will become a show stalwart...
Margot played Donna Freedman on Neighbours, with her first episode airing in 2008. (Network Ten)
The stunning Aussie actress went on to star in multiple Hollywood blockbusters. (Network Ten)
Acting isn't Cameron's only talent of course - in his work as a model, the up-and-comer became the official ambassador and model for David Jones' The Art of Living campaign, which saw him work alongside famous Aussie models Gemma Ward and Jessica Gomez.
His new acting gig has no doubt excited Cameron, so TV WEEK caught up with the soon-to-be soap sensation to see how he's tracking as he dives into 2021.
Cameron is ecstatic to join Neighbours in a guest role this year. (Instagram)
TV WEEK: Congratulations Cameron! How did you land the role on Neighbours?
Cameron: 2020 really shut down the world's film industries, so the year felt pretty quiet but as things started to slowly open up, so did auditions.
For me and a lot my friends that was pretty exciting just to be putting down tapes and getting in the room.
I was so happy about that, I almost forgot there could be opportunities attached to them!
Tell us a bit about your character and what brings him to Ramsay Street...
I'm playing a character called Jesse Porter. Jesse appears to be a pretty fun-loving type of guy but he's had a lot of pressure placed upon him from his family.
He's taken up a summer job at Lassiters to give him some breathing room, however, in true Neighbours fashion there may be some twists and turns within his story line!
The talented 21-year-old has also worked as a model. (Instagram)
Favourite part about being on set?
I really love the culture that you get on sets, there's a lot of passionate people all working together to create something because it's what they love.
When a director calls 'action' the world kind of falls away and that's my favourite feeling.
It's nice to be surrounded by that and I've definitely felt so welcomed by the cast and crew on Neighbours.
What's it like joining the show where Margot got her start?
It's a little surreal but maybe that's because it's been about a decade between us being on the show.
There are still some cast and crew who have worked with her and tell me stories and it's pretty lovely to see the impact she's made.
Did she give you any tips?
Margot, like many of my industry-friends or go-to professionals say a similar thing of work hard, train hard, be kind and grateful, and enjoy the experience.
But it's always comforting to know that if I ever need her she's only a phone call away.
How did she react to the news?
Yeah, like all my friends and family she was just excited for me, it seemed like there was a strong sense of nostalgia for her, a lot of fond memories of the show so I think she was just excited that I might experience the same.
Will next stop be Hollywood for the up-and-comer? (Instagram)
Have you always wanted to get into acting?
I've been working in and around film sets, behind the camera, since I was in high school as well as studying acting since then.
It's always been one of the biggest passions of my life so I'm really excited to be able to step in front of the camera with this role of Jesse.
Granted COVID makes travel difficult - but any long terms plans to move overseas?
I do have big aspirations for myself but what I hope to always do is work with talented, creative and driven individuals.
I think what's really fortunate is that we're living in a time where so much of that can be found here in Australia.
What I'm really grateful for right now is learning and experiencing as much as I can from being in the cast of Neighbours.
Did you watch the show growing up/when Margot was on it?
Of course, even before she was on it, this is a show I grew up with.
I think that's what is pretty surreal. Coming on to a show like this with these long standing legends who were in your childhood and have cemented themselves in Australian culture.
Now I'm suddenly getting up in the morning going to work and seeing them there!

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