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EXCLUSIVE: Margot Robbie's brother Cameron Robbie spills his sister's secrets!

Nobody knows the actress like her brother Cam!

By OK! team
Margot Robbie is basically the coolest star in the world right now.
So it's no surprise that her little brother Cameron, 23, is just as much a boss as his big sis.
Margot's finance smarts have rubbed off on the budding actor and TV presenter, who can also add "ambassador" to his resume after scoring a gig with instant paying app, Beem It.
"She works so incredibly hard," he gushes of the 27-year-old actress. "She powers through it all."
Here, Cam chats to OK! about growing up with his movie-star sibling – and who pays the bill!


"We text constantly, and I get to see her a lot on the downlow, which is quite nice. If no-one knows she's in town!"
So with all those box-office hits, does Margot shout when they go for lunch?
"She doesn't make me pay my way, she's super-generous, but I do my own thing, too! In saying that, if she gets a really expensive bottle of wine, she'll be paying for that, for sure. Or if she takes a couple chips off my plate, I'm charging a surcharge for those chips!"


"I was working for MTV covering a film premiere on the same weekend that Margot was in town for her own premiere day," says Cam of showing up to interview his sister in Sydney in March.
"I went to the guys at MTV and said, 'Wouldn't it be fantastic if we surprised her?' I always say that I'd like to get the ugliest picture of her on a T-shirt and walk in, and give the most embarrassing stories. But we reeled it in and made it about the movie – I gave her a bit of a free pass on that one. I'll get her next time!"
Cameron surprised his sister in Sydney earlier this year - what a sweetheart!


"She's always called me Ratboy – it's a Simpsons reference," laughs Cam.
"My Christmas cards from her are always, 'To Ratty' and I call her Maggot. We have a fun sibling rivalry. Whenever we get hold of Mum's phone, we text each other, like, 'Cameron is mum's favourite, Margot's mum's fourth favourite!' It's a running joke."

But despite the ribbing, it's all love in the Robbie tribe. "She's always been a good big sis to me, we love to have a lot of fun. I'm really proud of her.'
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