Confirmed: Tom Hardy WILL be returning for the Venom sequel

Tom Hardy will return for Venom 2 but will it intertwine with Tom Holland's Spider-Man from the MCU?

Venom has officially overcome critical drubbing to successfully launch a new franchise.
We'd already heard that the sequel is in the works, but producer Amy pascal has confirmed that Tom Hardy will be returning to play Eddie Brock.
Of course, you'd figure he was already contractually obliged to return, but you never quite know with Hardy.
Stills from 2018's Venom (Sony Pictures)
Still, according to Pascal, "I can say that Tom Hardy will be back, magnificently playing that character as no one else can."
In a prior Spider-Man film, number 3 of director Sam Raimi's era, the character was played by Topher Grace of That '70s Show fame.
There's no word on whether director Ruben Fleischer will also be back, so there may well be someone else around to oversee Hardy sitting in tanks of things.
Michelle Williams, Tom Hardy, and Riz Ahmed at the CinemaCon 2018 Gala Opening Night. (Getty Images)
As for whether the live-action Peter Parker, Tom Holland, might one day show up to crossover with Hardy's Brock?
"We have big plans for Tom Holland to be a part of everything," Pascal says. Holland is often made fun of and simultaneously adored by fans because of his habit of spilling secrets and spoilers for upcoming Marvel-related projects so we hope they don't trust him to keep the secret.
Watch the trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home. Story continues after video.
In related Spider-verse news (specifically Into The Spider-Verse, which won the Oscar this year), Pascal also confirms future plans for not just animated outings starring Miles Morales and more, but the potential for another iteration.
I don't think you should exclude Miles from a live-action movie," Pascal tells Fandango. "I think you should assume there is nothing to exclude."
Spider-Man: Far From Home is the latest Spider-movie arriving, and will be out in Australia July 7th.
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