Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Reveals When It Takes Place

It's homecoming time again but things are not the same for our boy Spidey!

Tom Holland might have a reputation as one of the biggest spoiler-revealers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe cast, but give him credit – at the start of the brand new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, he clearly tells you not to watch if you've not seen Avengers: Endgame yet. And if you haven't? What are you doing? use your free time wisely! If you have seen it, read on!
Still here? Great – watch the trailer above, and be warned that it does give some tantalising things away.
Image: Marvel Studios
The reason you need to have seen Endgame to have seen this new trailer?
That's because it confirms that Far From Home is, indeed, set after the events of that film. Meaning that Peter Parker is mourning the death of Tony Stark (don't get us started), and his big holiday is all part of getting back to normality after five years of chaos.
Image: Marvel Studios
Oh, and Nick Fury – who's struggling in a world where pretty much all of the original Avengers are AWOL – is casually mentioning that the Snap tore a hole in reality, teasing all kinds of multi-verse chaos.
Elsewhere, we see more of Peter Parker's new friendship with Quentin Beck, aka Mysterio, his growing romantic feelings for MJ, and his sheer terror at having to work for Fury.
Reading this despite not being caught up on the MCU? We'll reiterate: use your free time wisely and go see Endgame! Watch this trailer that chronicles all the MCU films below. Story continues after the video.
What we can assume, then, is that Peter, MJ, Ned, and Flash were all snapped – but will any of their former classmates now be five years older?
With Far From Home swinging into Australian cinemas on July 5th, there's only two months to wait until we see how the MCU will start to deal with the aftermath of the OG Avengers' final stand.
Bring it on.
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