Aladdin Reunion is everything you’d imagine (and so much more!)

We’re living in a whole new world all over again! Arguably one of the greatest on-screen couples of all time, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine reunited for the Disney D23 Expo.

By Chloe Lal
Scott Weinger, 39, and Linda Larkin, 45, voiced the iconic duo in the hugely successful 1992 Disney film.
Now over 23 years, later the pair have reunited.
“Aladdin and Jasmine are back together! @lindalarkinofficial #d23” Scott wrote on Instagram, alongside a stunning selfie of the two.
While Linda also shared a snap of the exciting reunion, with the most perfect caption: “Me & Scott (aka Jasmine & Aladdin) @scottweinger #D23 #Aladdin #itsallsomagical!
Scott and Linda shared sweet snaps from the coveted Disney Expo in Anaheim.
The pair sat in with the masterminds behind the 1992 classic over the weekend for the exciting panel - revealing to fans some VERY exciting news!
During their time at the expo, the minds behind the hugely popular film took a moment to remember the heart of the Disney movie, Robin Williams.
“He was bigger than life,” Aladdin animator Eric Goldberg recalled.
Close to his heart as Eric designed the memorable blue character, he added, “He transcended time and space.”
“We couldn’t have done it without Robin’s warmth.”
The expo also revealed that there are talks over a live-action prequel surrounding Genie’s life!
Talks suggest that our beloved Genie will be brought to life in a new prequel!
And who doesn’t love a spin-off!
In fact many of you would also recognise Scott from his role as Steve Hale on Full House, which he’ll reprise in the spin-offFuller House .
Alas, if only we could get a magic carpet ride… in the words of Princess Jasmine: “It's all so magical!”
Ahhh... to have a magic carpet ride with your Prince Charming!

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