Dakota Johnson reveals Fifty Shades Darker has a surprise tribute for her mum

While Melanie Griffith refused to watch her daughter Dakota Johnson's performance in the first Fifty Shades movie, Dakota reveals there's a scene which pays tribute to her famous mama in the sequel!

By Melanie Burton
Back in 2015, Melanie Griffith told reporters on the Oscars red carpet that she didn’t need to see Fifty Shades of Grey “to know how good” of an actress her daughter Dakota Johnson – aka Anastasia Steele – is.
We wouldn’t want to see our daughter stripped down and tied to a bed in questionable positions either!
With the sequel Fifty Shades Darker set for release next week, Dakota doubts her mum will watch this movie either, but she may have inspired some of the moments in the erotic film.
Yep, appearing on the Today show on Wednesday, Dakota revealed that there will actually be a part in the movie that pays tribute to her famous mama.
Speaking to host Hoda Kotb, Dakota said: "There is a moment — there is a little surprise moment especially for my mom in this movie.”
But she couldn’t share anymore deets unfortunately!
"I can't share it! I don't want to spoil it, but she won't ever see it. Maybe she'll see this one specific little clip."
"It's kind of a homage to your mum in some way?" Hoda asked. "Will people watching it understand it right when it happens?"
"I think so," Dakota replied. "I hope so."
Speaking of the immense amount of nudity in the film, Dakota revealed: "It's never really easy, but it was definitely not completely unchartered waters, and Jamie and I having obviously known each other for a long time now, we have a level of comfort with each other and trust.”
“As uncomfortable as it is to do scenes like that anyway, we probably figured out the best possible way to do it."
Fifty Shades Darker hits cinemas on Friday, February 10.

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