PSA: You can actually BUY The Iron Throne from Game of Thrones - here's how

Many of us have thought about what it would be like to live in the world of a TV show but what about bringing something from the show into your life instead?

A whole lot of bloodshed, backstabbing and blazing cityscapes could have been avoided had the characters from Game Of Thrones known that the easiest way to land the Iron Throne was to bid on it in an auction.
Memorabilia slingers Profiles In History have a replica throne up for bids starting later next month.
Game of Thrones is in it's final season currently but it's legacy will live on. Watch the trailer for season 8 above.
Be seated... (HBO)
Commissioned by HBO for the Game Of Thrones: The Epic Fan Experience held in New York back in 2014, the event saw Thrones author George RR Martin and members of the cast presenting this replica to the winner of a contest.
Apparently they've either decided to put it up for auction or they're slowly dying horribly, blood gurgling from their slashed neck and, without an actual heir to the thing, the throne has passed to the auction house.
George R. R. Martin is still writing books in the A Song of Ice and Fire series after Game of Thrones finishes. (Getty)
While the throne itself rarely seems like a comfortable seat (and let's be honest, your life will be under constant threat) it does come with the title of King (or Queen) of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men.
Which is nice. Allegedly forged from the swords surrendered to Aegon the Conquerer, the first of the Targaryen kings.
And because he was a Targaryen, he used a dragon to do it, the bloomin' show-off.
Watch Peter Dinklage sing about Game of Thrones in this video below. Story continues after video.
Details of the auction, which also includes a painting of characters by artists Sanjulian, commissioned for the 2013 SWSW exhibition about the show, will be on the Profiles In History site shortly, and the bidding will start on 27 June. Please note: only the ruling monarch and their hand may sit on the throne.
James White