Is Margot Robbie moving back home to Australia?

We investigate.
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Margot Robbie is an Aussie icon, to say the least. The critically-acclaimed Australian actress has been living overseas for over 12 years, but it seems she’s now looking at moving back down under.

Here’s what we know.

Margot Robbie and husband Tom Ackerley have been house-hunting in Australia.

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Margot Robbie and British film producer husband Tom Ackerley have reportedly been house-hunting in Australia, and the couple are believed to be moving back to Australia in 2024.

This comes following Margot and Tom’s recent trip to Australia. It is suspected the trip down under wasn’t just for a holiday, but also for the pair to view some properties in various locations in the country.

A source spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle, saying that Margot and Tom “will still divide their time between Australia and LA but they want a permanent base here close to her family”. Margot’s parents live on the Gold Coast, and reportedly the couple are looking along on the northern coast of NSW, in areas such as Byron Bay and Kingscliff, to be close to Margot’s family.

The pair have made a few trips to Australia in 2023, including in May when they supposedly began house-hunting.

The pair are looking at making a permanent base for themselves in Australia.

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Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley were in Australia in early November and were spotted in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

While in Sydney, the couple were having lunch at a restaurant in Coogee when Margot decided to buy a round of drinks for everyone else in the restaurant, with the drinks featuring Margot’s own brand of gin, Papa Salt. This generous act came just a few days after she did the same thing at a restaurant in Brisbane.

The Barbie star says she loves being home in Australia.

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Margot regularly speaks about how much she loves being at home in Australia. Speaking to Today in January, Margot said she loves the way her name is pronounced with the Australian accent and that “it’s so special to be home”.

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