Home and Away

Home and Away's James Stewart shares rare family snaps with his wife Sarah Roberts and his mini-me daughter Scout

Scout looks more like her dad by the day.

By Faye Couros
To mark Sydney's first weekend out of lockdown, James Stewart hit the beach with his family.
The 45-year-old Home and Away star took advantage of Sunday's good weather with wife Sarah Roberts and daughter Scout, whom he shares with ex Jessica Marais.

In one snap, Scout is wearing James' hat while looking out into the distance, and looks just like her dad.
James also shared a picture of his wife and former co-star Sarah with her arm around Scout, and lastly, the trio posed for a selfie to mark the milestone occasion together.
He captioned the post, "Dads hat.. ☀️✨."Former Home and Away star Penny McNamee was besotted with the family pictures, so in the comment section, she wrote, "Get that pic a frame!💘."
Of course, James' fans couldn't help but agree with the star.
One commented, "I agree 👍," and another wrote, "Too damn gorgeous you guys🖤💖❤️."
"Welcome to Scout and Sezzi's cooking school." Instagram
It's clear that Scout is quite close to her famous dad and step-mum, and for their 2019 wedding, she was their gorgeous flower girl.
During lockdown, Sarah proved her bond with her stepdaughter had reached new and exciting heights when they worked on dinner together in the kitchen.
The actress took to her Instagram to take her fans along with her as she and Scout got busy cooking, all the while having plenty of fun as they kept smiling throughout.
"Welcome to Scout and Sezzi's cooking school," Sarah laughed as Scout cheered in the background.
"We're both doing it together because we're in lockdown," Sarah said before Scout added: "Lockdown monkeys."
The two were having obvious fun as they laughed and joked as they cooked side-by-side together.
Sarah and Scout even took turns singing in the kitchen, and they couldn't hide their joy as they spent time alone together.
The series of video clips came as a result of a partnership with Hello Fresh, with the end result looked incredibly delicious.
"All American Honey Chicken Wing-Dings," Sarah said after they plated up the finished dish. "I made them with chive sauce and potatoes and salad with my little sous chef that helped me."