Home and Away

Summer Bay is rocked by the mystery of witness X and everyone is a suspect

Colby fears someone had betrayed him.

By Tamara Cullen
Friendships continue to crack under pressure this week as Colby's trial nears.
But the question on everyone's lips is: who turned against him?
In the cell at the Summer Bay police station, Colby's mind races.
He can't believe his sister Bella (Courtney Miller) would turn on him, nor Dean (Patrick O'Connor), who was an accomplice to the murder, nor Willow (Sarah Roberts), who has stood beside him from the beginning.
That leaves Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Amber (Maddy Jevic) who were both told the truth by Dean…
"His mind is in overdrive," Tim tells TV WEEK.
"Not for a second would Colby ever put his family in the line of fire.
He would sooner take the fall than have it land on anyone else."
Meanwhile, Detective Angelo (Luke Jacobz) is walking on air.
He's finally got his man – and a star witness to ensure he goes to jail.
When he comes across Jasmine (Sam Frost) on the beach, he can't help but gloat and adds that Colby can't afford his own bail.
A few hours later, however, Angelo and Colby are stunned when Jasmine puts up her own assets as collateral to bail out her friend.
Angelo pretends not to be fazed, but rushes to place a suppression order on his star witness before they have a chance to back out.
Angelo is happy he caught Colby. (Channel Seven)
Colby returns to town deeply grateful to Jasmine and his friends – except for Ziggy, whom he accuses
of being the witness.
Dean is mortified by his mate's behaviour, the pair almost coming to blows.
"There's resentment between them," Patrick says.
"Dean makes it very clear to Colby that he needs to stop doing things that are making the situation a lot worse! Dean can't see a way out of this, where someone isn't going to jail."
Colby goes home and scans the list of witnesses for a name he's familiar with, but it simply says "Witness X".
After dinner with Willow, Dean and Bella, Colby pores over the list of witnesses in his trial. (Channel Seven)
To make matters worse, Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson) has been forced to testify against him!
That night, the gang share a last supper before the trial.
Colby can feel the walls closing in and apologises for the damage he's caused.
"This situation has been pretty intense for everyone and they've all struggled to keep it together,"Patrick says.
"It's been pretty intense to film, but exciting too!"
As they reflect on everything they've been through, Colby senses this could be the last time they're all together…
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