Home and Away

Goodbye for now or forever? Summer Bay is rocked by TWO shock exits

''Tane never thought it would go this far.''

By Tamara Cullen
Tane has gotten in deep with the wrong people.
Now, his only nephew could be in danger.
With nowhere to turn, Nikau is forced into hiding.
This week, gang leader Leon (Will McNeill) is ready to settle old scores and calls brothers Tane (Ethan Browne) and Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) to complete a dangerous job.
Despite doing a trade in recent episodes, it seems Mac's (Emily Weir) Porsche isn't considered adequate payment for the $25,000 drug debt.
Tane can't believe this is happening.
"After all his run-ins with Ari and trying to please him, doing his best to lead a cleaner life, and not being able to express his feelings for Mackenzie for obvious reasons, Tane isn't feeling too good about himself and where his life has ended up," Ethan tells TV WEEK.
Ari has had enough of the games and issues Leon and his crew a firm warning: back off.
But his words fall on deaf ears.
Ari is handed an envelope containing incriminating photos of Tane – if the cops should see them, he could go to jail for years.
"Tane never thought it would go this far and he's gutted to do this to his family," Ethan says.
Worried about his safety, Bella urges Nikau to leave. Channel Seven
Back home, Tane and Ari discuss their options. The chances of them both getting 
out of an armed robbery are slim.
If caught, they could both end up behind bars.The brothers share an emotional embrace as Ari breaks down in tears. Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Bella (Courtney Miller) arrive home to witness the emotional moment and Ari has no choice but to tell him the truth.
They decide to send Nikau back to New Zealand until the dust settles.
The teen refuses, wanting to help, but Bella urges him to leave.
She can't bear 
to lose someone else she cares for.
In touching scenes, the young lovers share one last night together in 
a tearful farewell and promise to stay 
in touch.
Poor Bella!
Nikau and Bella share a final goodbye before he heads home to New Zealand. Channel Seven

Angelo and Taylor bid farewell

Detective Angelo came to town seeking justice, and after months on the case, killer Colby is behind bars.
Unfortunately, his dogged determination left a trail of carnage in his wake so it's best to leave town.
While the case has been solved, his estranged marriage is not.
At the Diner, Angelo (Luke Jacobz) meets Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson) to discuss their future – do they even have one?
Despite Taylor's affair with Colby (Tim Franklin), Angelo acknowledges their problems began long ago and asks for a second chance.
Then, he surprises her with information on Colby's whereabouts and encourages her to resolve her feelings by paying him a visit in jail.
Angelo was intent on seeking justice. But now, it's time for him to leave Summer Bay. Channel Seven
The next day, Taylor meets Colby face-to-face.
With a split lip and a bruised cheek, Colby looks a shell of a man.
Taylor offers help and support, but Colby insists she return to her husband.
Taylor accepts his words and returns to Summer Bay with a heavy heart.
That afternoon, she turns to Jasmine (Sam Frost) for help.
"She and Jasmine have a great friendship and it's allowed Taylor to show her true sense of self and independence," Annabelle tells TV WEEK.
"She will always love Angelo."
With that in mind, Angelo and Taylor decide to leave town as a couple.
After bidding farewell to Alf and Roo, they breath in one last glimpse of the ocean and drive out of town.

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