Home and Away

Home And Away love triangle! Things are heating up between Ziggy and Tane but will Dean win her back before sparks fly?

Tane and Ziggy share a sizzling moment – as Dean vows to win her back.

There's an evident spark between Tane and Ziggy – and we're not just talking about their work at the garage!
But will she take a chance on a new love or fall back into Dean's arms?
After another close run-in with Leon (Will McNeill) and his gang of thugs, Tane can feel the walls closing in.
His criminal activity has not only forced his brother Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams), nephew Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Mac (Emily Weir) into his mess, but his boss and co-worker Ziggy (Sophie Dillman)!
Tane has made an impression on Ziggy during their time working together. Channel Seven
"At this point, Tane is feeling quite emasculated and not himself.
"After all his run ins with Ari and trying to please him, doing his best to lead a cleaner life, and not being able to express his feelings for Mackenzie due to obvious reasons, he is not feeling too good about himself and where his life has ended up," Ethan tells TV WEEK.
"Ziggy feels bad for Tane as she is aware of his feelings for Mac and offered to help him. She's the kind of person who would give someone a fair shot without judgement of their past."
After agreeing to do a final job to pay off the $25K drug debt, Leon backed off – but Mac isn't convinced.
She arranges to meet Leon and pay off the debt by handing over the keys to her Porsche.
Ari is livid at his girlfriend, while Tane's guilt eats him up inside…
Ziggy's developing feelings for Tane. (Channel Seven)
Knowing how overworked Ziggy is at the garage, Tane decides to do a good deed and arrives on her doorstep with pizza and beer.
The mechanic is delighted and they spend the night chatting.
As the hours wear on, Ziggy offers the couch as a spot to crash – the offer met with an intense gaze from Tane.
They both quickly pull away from the moment before anything happens…
"Of course there's chemistry," Ethan teases.
"Tane and Ziggy seem to banter very well and have a laugh."
The following day, Ziggy's mind races with thoughts about Tane.
Is there more than friendship on the cards?
But just when they're getting close, Dean turns up drunk and wants her back. (Channel Seven)
Before she can find out, Dean, drunk and upset, appears on her doorstep.
He just watched his best mate go to jail and doesn't want to lose Ziggy as well.
Ziggy tells him to sleep it off – the rejection hitting Dean like a ton of bricks. He stumbles to his car and drives off before Ziggy can stop him.
Ziggy reprimands herself for how she handled the situation and rushes to Salt, but he's not there.
With Tane's help, she scours the sands of Summer Bay to find him.
Eventually they locate his car on the side of the road.
Dean is unconscious and slumped over the wheel!
Will he be okay?

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