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EXCLUSIVE: Home And Away’s Tim Franklin reveals how leaving the show impacted his mental health

''It was a bit of a shock to the system.''

By Maddison Hockey
Well, there we have it folks, last night we said goodbye to beloved Home And Away cop, Colby Thorne.
It felt as though his sombre exit was months in the making.
Still, his relatively quiet goodbye, removing himself from his life in Summer Bay to accept his fate and new reality in prison, came as somewhat of a surprise to fans - and Tim Franklin!
Chatting to the star ahead of his exit, he revealed he had hoped for a different kind of goodbye for his character.
"I was trying to convince [the writers] for a long time, like, I want to go out guns blazing," he admitted to Now To Love
"But, when I read it, I really loved it; it's a really nice little end for Colby. He needed to pay the price at some point."
Tim has said goodbye to Colby and the cast. (Channel Seven)
Tim, who has played the River-Boy-turned-police-officer since 2018, has just released the pilot episode for his latest project called iAm.
Despite moving on from the show to create the web series with co-star and friend Jerome Meyer, Tim admits immediately after leaving Home And Away he struggled with the dramatic change to daily life.
"It was really tough [to say goodbye] but also on a mental health angle," he explained.
"To go from doing something every single day and then doing nothing, it was such a shift.
"It was a bit of a shock to the system, slowing down that much."

Tim says travelling around the country post-show became a godsend.
"I just thank God I got the van and ended up going away because if I stayed at home I would have been so stir crazy."
Tim's co-stars having been posting sweet tributes to the actor. (Instagram)
Saying goodbye to his co-stars, who had become like family, wasn't an easy feat for the star, either.
"It was like a family member moving away, except I was the one that was leaving, it was sad.
"We'd become a family over the past three years, you spend more time with the cast that my family and friends.
"There were definitely a few tears, mainly from me," he says with a chuckle.
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