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EXCLUSIVE: Tim Franklin reveals he tried to convince Home And Away’s producers to go with a very different ending for Colby

“I was really shocked, I was really surprised.”

By Maddison Hockey
When we've said goodbye to Home And Away characters in the past it's typically been in dramatic or fulfilling fashion – a shock shooting or a happy family moving on to a fresh start.
So, when we watched disgraced Summer Bay cop, Colby Thorne, dragged to solitary confinement tonight, it hardly felt like a just ending.
Given his tumultuous and criminal story lines maybe this is a form of justice in itself – other than his prison sentence, of course.
Regardless of how you feel about Colby's demise, this was the last time we will see Tim Franklin on our screens – sob!
Speaking exclusively to Now To Love the actor reveals his exit from the show wasn't exactly what he envisioned for his character, either.
"I was really shocked, I was really surprised, you know, surprised that it wasn't going to be a death to be honest," Tim admits. "I was trying to convince [the writers] for a long time, like, I want to go out guns blazing."
"But, when I read it, I really loved it; it's a really nice little end for Colby. He needed to pay the price at some point."
Colby paid the price for his crime. (Channel Seven)
Tim, who has played the River-Boy-turned-police-officer since 2018, has known for a long time the murder of his criminal step-father, Ross Nixon, would always come back to haunt Colby.
"I knew when Colby decided to kill Ross that that drama was like… they let it rest and they let it rest for a long time. I knew it was on the back-burner and I knew it was going to come around, like a cheeky little storyline boomerang," he says with a laugh.
Colby did what he felt he had to to protect his sister Bella. (Channel Seven)
It's been a dramatic past few months for Colby after being exposed by Detective Angelo, being betrayed by Willow, who was revealed as Witness X, and fighting for his life in prison.
The former cop shut out his loved ones and has been forced to do whatever it takes to survive behind bars. The turn of events paired with his open ended exit also means he could, someday, return.
"I've always floated the idea with some of the producers like, 'Hey, Colby could come back as a bad, bad boy who has broken out of prison.'"
"To be honest, I had the most fun playing Colby when he was a bit of a villain."
Colby's had to turn the tables to avoid another trip to hospital, or worse. (Channel Seven)
While Tim's "happy" with how things ended for Colby, his departure from the show on a personal level was much more sombre.
"It was like a family member moving away, except I was the one that was leaving, it was sad."
"We'd become a family over the past three years, you spend more time with the cast that my family and friends."
"There were definitely a few tears, mainly from me," he says with a chuckle.

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