All natural Summer Babes! The beauties of Home and Away look effervescent in their makeup-free glory

Make-up free stunners.

By Faye Couros
Fans of Home and Away are used to seeing their favourite stars in a full face of makeup at glam events and on-screen.
Wearing makeup is a personal choice for most women, but for the women of Summer Bay, it's a big part of their professional life as much as their personal life.
However, like all of us, they too need days to let their skin breathe without makeup clogging their pores, and to feel relaxed without the pressure to keep up appearances.
Ada Nicodemou, Isabella Giovinazzo and Penny McNamee, have spoken about their relationship with makeup and celebrated their natural beauty with Who magazine.
Ada revealed that she was a little hesitant about the vulnerable shoot, because she feels most herself with makeup on, which is a relatable sentiment for many Aussie women.
"I don't know what possessed me to do this shoot; I'm definitely more comfortable with makeup on," said Ada of going fresh-faced..
Penny echoed the sentiment, which is something some women who may wear makeup to feel more confident can relate to.
"I wear makeup everyday. So not wearing makeup for this shoot made me feel very vulnerable," Penny told the publication.
Meanwhile, in 2018, Sam Frost took to her Instagram to post a bare-face picture to celebrate her Logie nomination.

In the picture, she looked breathtaking and joyous as she commented on how wonderful it was to wake up with good news and a fresh face.
"Just ignore my orange fake tanned nose. Waking up freshhh this morning. A really quick thank you to all the beautiful humans sending love and good vibes. You have no idea how nice it is to wake up to!" wrote Sam.
Whatever your relationship is with makeup, we can all feel a little more confident when we elevate all states of beauty.
Here are the ladies of Home and Away rocking their bare face.

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