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Home and Away: Mia makes a shocking decision about her future in Summer Bay

Mia's grief over losing Ari has pushed her over the edge.

By Laura Masia
While Summer Bay gave Mia a fresh start, it also holds the heartache of losing her husband Ari. Everywhere she goes, she's reminded of him and the future they'll never have.
This week, she decides it's time to leave.
In Home And Away, Mia (Anna Samson) shares her decision with Ari's (Rob Kipa-Williams) brother Tane (Ethan Browne), who's gutted he can't do anything to help.
Mia is overcome by the grief of losing Ari. (Image: Seven)
After Ari died, he promised to keep the Parata family together. Mia assures Tane he isn't to blame – it's just something she has to do. But there's one problem: Chloe (Sam Barrett) refuses to go.
Both grieving, mother and daughter have found it difficult to communicate with each other, and Mia's decision could push them further apart.
"For Chloe, her grief tends to be enmeshed with observing her mother's grief," Sam tells TV WEEK.
"It's difficult, because she's so close to Mia. Not being able to spend time with each other because of the different way they grieve is really sad."
Mia shares her decision with Ari's brother Tane, who's gutted he can't do anything to help. (Image: Seven)
When Chloe arrives to work on her day off, Marilyn (Emily Symons) offers some advice: be clear about what you want.
Chloe rages on, but takes note of Marilyn's words. Can she really live without her mother by her side?
"Chloe doesn't feel a sense of comfort anymore," Sam says. "She's guarded. Both of them are so devastated."
At the gym, Tane tries to sweat out his annoyance with Mia. When she arrives for work, he tries to convince her to stay, but she's not happy here.
Tane fires up – how could she give up on them? Dean (Patrick O'Connor) jumps in to defend Mia, the two men almost coming to blows.
When Mia arrives home, Chloe dives into her prepared speech. She wants to stay in the Bay. Mother and daughter are at an impasse: they need different things, but also need each other more than ever. Will they stay or go?

Justin is attacked as Dimitri turns violent

This week, Dimitri (Salvatore Coco), whose history of abuse towards Theo (Matt Evans) recently came to light, accuses his sister Leah (Ada Nicodemou) of brainwashing his son to turn him against him.
Stunned by his aggression, she orders him out of town.
"When Leah realises what Dimitri has been doing, it changes her opinion of her brother," Matt, 25, tells TV WEEK.
"She no longer wants anything to do with him until he sorts out his temper."
When Justin tells Dimitri to take responsibility for his actions, he's knocked out cold. (Image: Seven)
But Dimitri doesn't leave Summer Bay as he's been told to. And when he turns up at the garage a few hours later, time hasn't cooled his violent temper.
When Justin (James Stewart) tells Dimitri to take responsibility for his actions, he's knocked out cold!
When Justin doesn't come home, a worried Leah heads to the garage, where she finds him barely conscious and urgently calls an ambulance.
Will he be OK?
Home and Away airs from Tuesday to Thursday at 7pm on Channel Seven.

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