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Home and Away EXCLUSIVE: Will Mackenzie reveal her secret to Ari?

Her relationship could be over sooner than she thought.

By TV Week team
While Mackenzie has longed for a steady relationship, her current one with Ari could be over much sooner than she thought.
This week, her secret feelings for Tane (Ethan Browne) threaten to be exposed when an irrational moment of jealousy lands Mackenzie (Emily Weir) in a bar fight with Amber!
Ziggy (left) and Mackenzie's night is about to heat up. (Image: Channel Seven)
After a long week, Willow invites Mac for a girls' night on the town. The pair are joined by Ziggy… and Amber – someone Mac has watched flirting with Tane since she arrived in town.
WATCH BELOW: Home and Away's Parata family perform a Haka in memory of their dad. Post continues after video...
In the club, the tension between them escalates when Tane arrives. By the end of the night, Amber's flirty advances leads to a brutal lashing by Mac, and the pair wind up in a violent scuffle. Ziggy attempts to break it up and gets in the way of a flying fist!
"Amber is a wild card and not shy, that's for sure!" Maddy tells TV WEEK. "She's out to have a good time, but she's also not one to mess with."
Amber flirts up a storm with Tane who's enjoying the attention. (Image: Channel Seven)
The following day, Ziggy wakes with a black eye, causing raised eyebrows around town – in particular Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams), who knows Mac was at the club. His interest piqued, he then finds Tane and Mac quietly discussing the night and demands answers.
Will Mac confess her torn feelings and risk losing Ari for good?

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