Home and Away

Home And Away’s Lewis tries to kill Christian in shock murder twist – but can anyone stop him before it’s too late?

''He believes he’s left with no other recourse.''

By Stephen Downie
It's a scene that's become all too familiar in Home And Away of late: crazed hospital serial killer Lewis preparing to inject innocent victim with drugs which will end their life.
This week, the nurse's murderous rampage takes a terrifying twist when he prepares to snuff out Dr Christian. Will anyone hear the surgeon's screams for help?
Lewis (Luke Arnold) has been out for bloody revenge ever since he landed in Summer Bay, blaming Christian (Ditch Davey) for the death of his wife Anna and her baby.
Lewis is finally getting his revenge. (Channel Seven)
Desperate to prove Christian's unfit to be a surgeon, Lewis has been secretly bumping off his patients.
He even tried to kill Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams), but was thwarted at the last moment when he was interrupted by Mia (Anna Samson).
But he's not taking any chances this time. Last week, fans were left gobsmacked as they watched deranged Lewis drag Christian's unconscious body into an empty hospital room.
The hospital board may have cleared Christian of any wrongdoing in his patients' deaths – but that's not good enough for Lewis.
Lewis is going to inject Christian with a lethal dose of drugs. (Channel Seven)
"Essentially, Lewis believes that while Christian is a surgeon, innocent people will die," Luke, 35, tells TV WEEK.
"He believes he's left with no other recourse to do the right thing than to take action into his own hands."
A groggy Christian wakes up to find himself strapped to a bed in a seemingly abandoned ward in the hospital. Christian yells for help, but no-one can hear him.
Armed with a drug-filled syringe, Lewis reminds Christian of his dead wife and baby – killing the surgeon is payback.
Tori and Jasmine rush to find Christian - but will they make it?
Elsewhere, Jasmine (Sam Frost), who has become increasingly concerned about Lewis' mental state, meets up with an equally worried Tori (Penny McNamee).
The two desperately search the hospital, but can't find them.
Just as Lewis is about to spike Christian with deadly drugs, Jasmine and Tori remember the unused ward and race to find them. Is it too late?

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