Home and Away

There’s a compelling fan theory about Lewis’ deadly plans on Home & Away - and it has serious legs

''Anyone could be his next victim.''

By Maddison Hockey
When Lewis waltzed into Summer Bay after a perfect meet-cute in last year's finale we were so excited by the prospect of a new romantic interest for Jasmine, we never wanted to consider he would have an ulterior motive.
As the fellow nurse settled in to his new home slowly we realised his motives weren't all pure.
Hell-bent on revenge for the death of his wife and unborn baby at the hands of Dr Christian Green, Lewis has had his sights set on the doc.
And, his wicked plot seems to be coming to a head.
Lewis was furious to learn Christian won't lose his job over their altercation. (Channel Seven)
A new teaser for Home And Away has fans in a frenzy as it appears Lewis may have a deadly plan in mind for Christian, that goes beyond his already failed attempts to take him down.
"I'm trying to understand what else I have to do to make Christian pay," Lewis says in the clip.
"Anyone could be his next victim," the voiceover menacingly follows. So how far will he go? Well, it appears the doctor may become the patient, as Lewis towers over what appears to be Christian he says, "Your life is in my hands now".
Is this Christian? (Channel Seven)
Some were convinced the close up glimpse of the man's face can be identified as Christian.
"Definitely Christian . The tone in Lewis's voice implies he's talking to the actual person he's after," one fan commented.
Others however believe it's a plot to catch Lewis out in the act.
"I think it might be a trap to catch Lewis out," one fan wrote.
"Jasmine is seeing Christians true colours now so I too think they set a trap to catch him out," a second added.

Both Sam Frost and Ditch Davey appeared on Sunrise this week and teased that the drama is just kicking off.
"The drift between doctors versus nurses is happening," Ditch explained to host Sam Mac before adding: "Christian has decked Lewis, Jasmine's boyfriend and he's about to retaliate."
To which Sam chimed in: "It's been really hectic, I think people will enjoy it."

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