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Home and Away's Christian and Lewis showdown in shocking scenes

Drunk Christian lashes out at Lewis. But what will Tori think?

The bad blood between Dr Christian and Lewis spills over this week in spectacular fashion when a rolling-drunk Christian decks Lewis in an explosive episode of Home And Away.
But has the surgeon played right into Lewis' hands?
Unbeknownst to everyone in Summer Bay, twisted nurse Lewis (Luke Arnold) is bumping off Christian's (Ditch Davey) patients in a cruel attempt to undermine his abilities as a surgeon.
An angry Christian decks Lewis, with Tori and Jasmine powerless to stop him. Seven Network
Lewis blames the doctor for the death of his wife Anna and unborn child in surgery.
"Lewis believes that if Dr Christian Green keeps operating on people, they will die," Luke, 36, explains to TV WEEK.
"Lewis' goal, at this point is, to prove to everyone that 'Mr Perfect Surgeon' is not as perfect as he wants to appear."
Last week, Lewis was poised to kill hit-and-run victim Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) with a drug-filled syringe, but was interrupted at the last moment.
There's now even more bad blood between Christian and Lewis. Seven Network
Now, Christian is summoned to a meeting about another of his patient's deaths. The hospital board is starting to see a disturbing pattern, unaware Lewis is a secret killer.
In the wake of this, Tori (Penny McNamee) is worried about Christian's mental state.
Penny says Tori is concerned Christian will spiral if he "continues to doubt himself".
After drowning his sorrows at Salt, a woozy Christian is helped home by Tori, when they cross paths with Lewis and Jasmine (Sam Frost).
Unable to control his anger, Christian gives Lewis a knuckle sandwich, knocking him to the ground.
Tori can't believe Christian could act so violently. Seven Network
"Dismayed at how things have turned out, Christian punches Lewis in the face – something Lewis is actually quite happy about," Luke says.
"To Lewis, Christian getting drunk and assaulting him is just another example that he's been right all along about the surgeon."
Tori, livid about what she's just witnessed, then surprises everyone by giving Lewis the go-ahead to report Christian's behaviour.
Has the doc just thrown away his career?

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