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Home and Away: Leah's trauma comes to a head with yet another, terrifying set-back

Something wicked comes this way.

By TV Week team
There were bound to be a few setbacks in her recovery, but nothing could have prepared Leah for this.
In a traumatic moment, she becomes the target of a vicious assault at the Diner.
The frightening scene plays out in Home And Away this week, where Leah (Ada Nicodemou) has just finished another exhausting day at work.
Recently, the business owner has taken small steps in returning to her job, but it hasn't been easy.
Since being held captive in a remote cabin by a stalker, Leah has struggled to adjust to normal life.
At one point, her relationship with Justin (James Stewart) appeared to be lost as she distanced herself from people – men in particular.
Leah has had a rocky start to the year, are things about to get worse? (Channel Seven)
After a few setbacks with customers, Leah became familiar with her old surroundings and started to relax.
"Leah's recovery is coming along nicely, she's returned to work and everything with Justin is a lot better too," Ada, 43, tells TV WEEK.
"It's taken some time, but she's finally starting to feel like herself again."
With the promise of a home-cooked meal with Justin, Leah clocks off for the day.
But just as she arrives home, she realises her phone is next to the cash register and she was the last one to leave the Diner. She has to go back.
However, she won't be alone, as viewers watch a black-hooded figure lurking outside the Diner…
Grave danger awaits Leah as she shuts up shop. (Channel Seven)
"Leah was excited to meet up with Justin," Ada explains.
"If only she knew what she was walking into. Needless to say, she's in for an incredible shock!"
Arriving at the Diner, Leah hears a noise inside. To her surprise, the door is unlocked, but the lights remain off.
"Did I leave the door unlocked?" she wonders to herself.
Leah walks inside and is startled to see someone stealing money from the register!
Leah screams in fright, but can't seem to move her feet. She's paralysed with fear.The robber takes the opportunity to run – but not before targeting Leah and violently shoving her to the ground.
As the thief leaves, Leah is left quaking in a heap on the floor…
"She hits the ground and is left in shock," Ada says, "What's troubling is the lasting effect this could have on her. It could bring her past trauma back to the surface."
Poor Leah!

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