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Home And Away's Jasmine lashes out in confronting scenes as her troubling narrative continues

The Summer Bay local isn't catching any breaks...

By TV Week team
Home and Away is set to rock screens this week with an outburst no one expected.
Summer Bay will be rocked by dramatic scenes as Jasmine's (Sam Frost) narrative continues along a slippery slope.
Of course, we wouldn't expect anything less from the popular Aussie soap.
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While Tori (Penny McNamee) has managed to keep Jasmine in Summer Bay, she hasn't been able to stop her feeling alone and angry.
This week, the nurse continues to defy Tori when it comes to looking after Grace – Tori's baby with Jasmine's late husband Robbo (Jake Ryan).
Jasmine has had a rough year after losing her husband, Robbo. (Channel Seven)
While Tori is understanding, her brother Justin (James Stewart) isn't so forgiving and doesn't want her to see Grace.
Jasmine, meanwhile, thinks everyone has abandoned her.
Colby (Tim Franklin) has decided it's best to stay away after their recent kiss, but his absence has caused Jasmine to lash out at others.
At the gym, Willow (Sarah Roberts) offers her a shoulder to lean on – but is instead met with a rant about minding her own business. Willow bites back and a fiery argument breaks out.
Willow and Jasmine come to loggerheads. (Channel Seven)
Jasmine has the last word, telling Willow to find another job – and to move out of Irene's (Lynne McGranger) house.
"You're fired!" she yells.
Uh-oh! This won't end well…
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