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A nervous Ada Nicodemou attempts a risky lockdown makeover, and the results will blow you away

Sometimes a gal has to improvise!

By Faye Couros
There are few upsides associated with drawn-out lockdowns, and one frustration that plagues many women is the big hit to their beauty routines.
With hairdressers, beauticians and nail artists closed until further notice, few brave women have attempted to take matters into their own hands.
Ada Nicodemou is one such woman who was sick of watching iso take a hit on her usually perfectly manicured hair.
Her bathroom is seriously nice. Instagram
The glamorous actor, famous for her chestnut brown hair, had noticed her greys re-populating her head.
So, she decided to do something some would say is a risk and others would say is genius – Ada turned her bathroom into a salon, and she tended to her greys.
The Home and Away star took to her Instagram story to bring her fans along on her beauty journey.
In her first post, she uploaded a picture of herself applying dye to her hair, and she captioned it, "What could possibly go wrong," and "Loving lockdown life."
While we can't entirely be sure if Ada is including a singe of sarcasm in her post, her bathroom looks luxurious and is a total highlight.
Her next slide featured Ada with the dye sitting on her head as she waited for it to sink into her roots.
What a reveal! Instagram
She wrote, "Let's wait 20 mins and see."
The highly anticipated reveal was up next, and while it's likely Ada has picked up a few tips and tricks from the Home and Away makeup team, a home dye is a big risk.
But alas, Ada reveals a total success, and she looks as stunning as ever.
The beauty captioned her fresh hair, "Success!!! Greys are gone!"
Perhaps Ada's journey will inspire you to attempt a home dye?
Besides keeping her beauty routine up to scratch, Ada has spent a lot of quality time with her son Johnas.
Over the weekend, she posted a few pictures with her son from their bushwalk.
She captioned the wholesome moments, "Healthy bushwalk with my boy."
Mother and son bonding time in lockdown. Instagram
The mother and son duo are incredibly close, and in Ada's comment section, her fans shared their adoration for the beautiful family.
One fan wrote, "He is so handsome sweet boy 😍💙," and another commented, "Lovely 🥰 photo with your son going on a bushwalk."

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