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5 things Tim Robards does every morning for a good day

No hard workouts in the morning? We're on board.
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Let’s face it: getting out of bed in the morning can be tough, especially as winter approaches.

But rather than curl up under the blankets until 8am, and then rush off to work in a mad panic, why not make mornings a time to prioritise you?

We sat down with chiropractor and Neighbours star Tim Robards to find out his hard-learned lessons in boosting energy levels and making the most of every day. And it turns out, he’s got a pretty serious set of rules when it comes to how he starts his day.

Below, Tim Robards shares his five morning wellness rituals. Grab a pen!

1. Morning workout

Tim’s suggestion for working out in the morning? Take it easy.

“I don’t do any hard workouts in the morning. It’s usually things that warm me up like hot yoga, or a gentle jog or run. I usually work out more in the afternoon or evening.”

Tim recommends allocating time in your day to specifically workout.

“I’ll take a warm shower in the morning, where I sometimes stretch, and plan my day by listing out the top things I want to achieve.

“I schedule a workout somewhere in that day or something that will nourish my body (it could be a massage or infrared sauna). It will always be different.”

2. Meditation

“I always like to try and get a bit of meditation and breathing into my day,” says Tim. “Especially when I’m laying over the ablespine, where I get a really good stretch that opens me up from all the closed postures during the day.”

The star takes his mental health seriously, and stresses the importance of making it a priority in his day-to-day.

“I’m lucky that I think I’ve developed a great foundation and balance in my life,” he says. “I try to have bad half days, instead of bad full days.

“I’ve learnt to search for the positive in the negative that I may be experiencing at the time. I don’t like to stay too long in the negative and there is always a positive if you look for it.

“Sometimes it’s not very evident and you can get anxious, stressed and depressed, but if you look for it, it’s always there to balance out the situation.”

3. Skincare routine

To keep his skincare in check, Tim has a daily regimen he likes to stick to.

“I usually start with a face wash. Then, a couple of days a week, I use a a charcoal face scrub to purify and exfoliate my skin.”

He also tries his best to limit how much blue light his skin is exposed to by making sure he switches off from his phone, especially in the mornings.

“Generally, I do check my phone as soon as I get up,” Tim admits. “But I’ll play around with times when I leave it for the first 15-30 minutes of the day.”

4. Energy-boosting breakfast

“The best energy-boosting breakfast you can do are the ones that involve whole foods: smoothies with some berries, nuts and seeds – you can’t go wrong.”

His other secret: coffee.

“I drink great coffee! Either at home or i like to get out to a cafe sometimes, read my lines and prep for the day.

“I usually do a little intermittent fasting so breakfast may be a good few hours or more after I wake. If I’m skipping the fast I may make some porridge with berries, or eggs, or a protein/berry and nut type smoothie.”

5. Quality sleep

Good energy starts with a good night’s sleep. Despite being a ‘late to bed’ person, Tim still aims for seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

“Sleep is very important to me! We all have things that take us away from our sleep, whether its study, work, partying or kids, but we need to prioritise it as much as possible.”

Tim’s tips for the perfect night sleep includes a supportive mattress and pillow that fits your body and body.

As a ‘mostly’ side sleeper, Tim uses Dentons’ Medi Rest pillow. Part of Dentons’ therapeutic pillow range, it’s engineered with the brand’s own patented foam blend (Dentons Softec). It has a high degree of open cell formation, which creates breathability and results in a cooler foam and a better night’s sleep.

“It’s soft to touch but it still offers enough support to keep your head and neck in alignment, so you can maintain a healthy spine.”

Dentons Medi Rest pillow, $129.95

Hit play on the video above to see the five things Tim Robards does every morning for a good day.

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