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The Veronicas’ Lisa Origliasso is engaged!

She’s officially off the market! Lisa Origliasso, 32, took to Instagram to reveal the exciting news (and her gorgeous ring!) to her followers.

On Monday, Lisa – who makes up one half of The Veronicas – publicly announced the news of her engagement, as she and her fiancé posted in tandem to Instagram.

Lisa’s long-time boyfriend, American actor Logan Huffman, 27, shared an image of the Brisbane singer-songwriter in profile as she excitedly showed off her stunning pyramid-shaped diamond engagement ring.

Taking the opportunity to pay tribute to his new-fiancé, the V actor lovingly wrote, “The first time I saw her she was holding a flower.”

“It was the way she was holding it with delicacy, care and love that made me fall so hard for her.”

“I knew that I would treat her the same as she treated that flower.”

“I found someone that I am incapable of not being madly in love with. And I’ve asked her to be my Betrothed. My Wife.”

Logan announced the exciting news by sharing this gorgeous snap of Lisa!

Meanwhile, Lisa’s announcement on her own Instagram account revealed a few interesting, if not unusual, details of just how Logan popped the question.

Alongside a loved-up shot of the newly-engaged pair, Lisa wrote, “A month ago the love of my life burnt a blood sucking leech off me in the middle of the Queensland rainforest… then asked me to be with him forever.”

She added, “His love has been life changing. Needless to say this is going to be the best year yet @loganhuffman77.”


The pair, who have been together since 2014, were quickly met with adoring comments celebrating their upcoming-union.

Lisa’s identical twin sister and bandmate, Jessica Origliasso, was among the first to congratulate the duo.

Uploading a smiling photo of Lisa holding a bowl of kale, Jessica, 32, captioned the adoring tribute with, “’MY WIFEY FOR LIFEY IS BECOMING A REAL WIFEY.’”

Adding, “Your love is inspiring and magick. True soulmates X.”


Hours after the exciting announcement, Lisa decided to share a closeup of her gorgeous new engagement ring and explain the beautiful details behind it.

She wrote, “This ring is the most beautiful thing in the world to me. But only he who truly knows me, could design something that could so flawlessly capture the essence of who I am and what this means to me.”

According to Lisa, Logan chose the unusually shaped engagement ring for a very beautiful reason.

She added, “A triangular macle “twin” diamond— this stone is completely in its raw form. It has ridges shaped like a mandala. Fine lines like stepping stones rising up to the peak of its pyramid shape. It symbolically represents a love that is ancient, indestructible & powerful.”

“A love that never stops existing, reaching, climbing & growing. Transcending space and time, to the infinite & beyond.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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