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Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac gushes about his stunning new girlfriend on-air, as the couple make their romance official

Here's everything we know about his new leading lady.
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Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac has made a career out of poking fun at his single status – until now.

The hilarious and hugely popular TV personality is officially off the market and has a new girlfriend, stunning blonde Qantas communications adviser Elle Whittaker.

Sam gushed about his new romance live on air on Thursday morning and just hours later shared a sweet couple photo of himself and Elle with his 114,000 Instagram followers.

“Life news: I have a Girlfriend 😎 This is Elle. She’s from The Coast. She rides a Motorbike. & she loves Sharks. I ride a pogo stick & I love cats, so we’re perfect together 😳” Sam wrote on Instagram.

“I think she’s pretty special….in fact, I’m as into her as much as the lady in the background is into that hot chip 🔥 Be nice to Elle everyone.”

Sam shared this adorable couple selfie of himself and Elle to announce the news.

(Image: Instagram)

Sam’s Sunrise colleagues, as well as other A-list TV stars, were quick to congratulate Sam on his new romance.

“You know it’s true love when you sacrifice the light and place the phone shadow across your own moneymaker,” Sunrise newsreader Edwina Bartholomew joked.

Co-host Sam Armytage wrote: “Love the love Sam. Can’t wait to meet Elle, we have lots to catch her up on. Think of me as another annoying sister.”

Amanda Keller wrote : “I already like her more than you! Xxxx”

Fellow Channel Seven stars Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies, who host The Morning Show, also congratulated their friend on his relationship debut.

“Woooo! @sammacinsta. I love Elle sooo much and I’m happy to be the creepy old uncle at your wedding,” Larry joked.

“I have already prepared a beautiful speech and I will order my butler to Hoover the dandruff off my ‘nice’ wedding suit in readiness xx.”

Kylie Gillies added: “Like this a lot”

And ABC’s 7.30 host Leigh Sales expressed her happiness for Sam, commenting, “That is so lovely, delighted for you.”

Sam with his beloved cat Coco.

(Image: Instagram)

During his regular Sunrise weather cross on Thursday morning, Sam was declared his coupled-up status during a fun segment where he was forced to wear a sandwich board with the phrase “looking for love” emblazoned across the front.

“I’ve got to me honest with you guys. I actually have a girlfriend, so I can’t do this,” he told anchors Sam Armytage and David ‘Kochie’ Koch.

“It’s very new, so I just feel it’s disrespectful to her,” he explained.

It seems the pair have only just become exclusive, as Sam revealed he was in a relationship “as of Saturday”.

“Her name is Elle, this is literally as of Saturday so I can’t do that,'” he explained.

“It’s a long term relationship for me.”

Sam says he and Elle have only been officially together for a week.

(Image: Instagram)

Everything we know about Sam’s new girlfriend Elle Whittaker

So, what do we know about Elle so far?

While her Instagram account is on private, and she has just 618 followers, the recent communications graduate describes herself as a “Runner. Adventurer. Dream Chaser” in her Instagram bio.

Elle currently works as a communications adviser for Qantas, a role she has held for over three years, where she is “responsible for the creation and implementation of communications strategies across our various platforms and managing key stakeholders relationships,” according to her LinkedIn profile.

She has a background in media, having studied journalism at university and has a “strong passion for broadcast media, reporting, presenting, producing and creating digital content.”

She has previous unpaid work experience at Channel Nine, Channel Seven and also Channel Ten.

So it’s possible that Sam and Elle crossed paths during her time at Seven and that’s where they struck up their romance.

WATCH BELOW: Sam Mac does the TV WEEK Two Minute Challenge. Story continues after video.

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Sam has previously opened up to TV WEEK about his single status, explaining he has sacrificed a lot, including his personal life, for the sake of his career.

“You miss a lot of things – birthdays, engagement parties, big moments in the lives of people you care about. I’m lucky to have people who understand that I’m following what I want to do and I’m passionate about it,” he revealed last June.

Sam says he would love to settle down one day and have a family.

“I’d love to get married and have kids,” he said.

“But I’ve never pushed that. Sadly, I’ve seen some friends marry early and get divorced, so maybe I’m a bit gun-shy. It’s also difficult with my hours; I’m not home very often. But I think if you meet the right person, you can make that work.”

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