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Seven Year Switch fans blast ‘psycho’ Brad

He proposed and Tallena said yes, but Brad’s behaviour has not impressed fans of reality show Seven Year Switch.
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The season finale of Seven Year Switch saw Brad propose to Tallena again. She was thrilled and instantly accepted, but the show’s viewers were horrified, taking to social media to express their disgust at his “emotionally abusive” behaviour.

“I hope the counsellors on Seven Year Switch give Tallena contact numbers and support services available for abuse victims,” one wrote. “Brad is a psycho!”

Another added: “That poor girl deserves better. Seven Year Switch Tallena, it seems Brad is an emotional abuser and knows how to put himself first.”

Tim and Tallena’s reality TV journey has certainly been a rocky one. For weeks, it looked as though the show would be the end of them, with Brad eventually penning a letter breaking up with Tallena after it was revealed she had shared a spa and a bed with her experimental partner, and got a matching tattoo with him.

But the show’s therapy eventually seemed to work, helping them get their romance back on track, leading to Tim’s proposal last night.

Tim also controversially gifted Tallena with a new cheque to help pay for their wedding, after tearing up a previous cheque meant for the same purpose.

“I know we have a lot of work to do but I don’t ever want to be without you and I want to be as happy as we once were,” he said.

Woman’s Day recently reported the couple tied the knot earlier this month in Queensland, surrounded by family and friends.

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