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Schapelle Corby’s parole party!

Before being reunited with her family on the outside, Schapelle Corby wanted to celebrate her release with her fellow inmates and female guards who have played such a big part in her life for the past nine years.

But the growing media scrum outside the prison meant Schapelle had to leave before they could all tuck into the massive cake they made for her bearing messages of love support.

“We thought we were going to have a farewell party for Schapelle at 10am but she left a lot earlier than we all expected,’’ one inmate told Woman’s Day.

“The guards and the women prisoners have a soft spot for Schapelle and organised the cake and planned a party – we’re going to share the cake with guards later today.”

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Schapelle was thrown a party by her fellow inmates and female guards.

Schapelle’s farewell cake.

Schapelle has now left the cell she has called home for the past nine years.

Schapelle had spent time making hand-made jewellery and paintings over the years.

Her paintings and hand-made jewellery were packed and taken with her.

She farewelled the six other women sharing her cell, giving away many of her belongings.

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