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EXCLUSIVE: Is TV ‘golden girl’ Sarah Harris ready to make the jump from Studio 10 to Sunrise?

Sarah’s contract is up in October, so what's next?
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She’s been Ten’s “golden girl” for nearly a decade, but it seems the ever-popular Sarah Harris has all but accepted not even she can save her beloved Studio 10, which has been struggling for months.

And after 10 seasons and more than 2000 episodes, the 40-year-old single mum-of-two has dropped the biggest teaser of all where she’s heading to next, after a cheeky photo emerged last week alongside her “bestie” Michael Pell, who happens to be the executive producer at Seven’s Sunrise!

“When Sarah posted happy snaps from a relaxed Sunday lunch with Michael, she ended any speculation as to what her next big TV role might be.

Sarah has previously ended speculation about her next move.

(Image: Instagram)

“This has sent a very clear message to the current line-up at Seven that a new kid is about to arrive on the block!” a well-placed insider reveals.

With Michael, 38, set to leave ratings winner Sunrise, time could be running out to do a deal, though.

“Michael, along with life partner Dan [Burgess-Wise], who is the director of Weekend Sunrise, are relocating permanently to the US in the next few months for Michael to take up an exciting new role with Seven based in LA.

“He is well aware Sarah’s contract is up in October this year, so the clock is ticking to get his best buddy over before he departs – otherwise a new executive producer might overlook her for someone else,” the insider explains.

“Sarah is ready to move on from Ten.”

(Image: Instagram)

Just who the polished presenter replaces, and where she fits in, remains to be seen.

“Sarah is ready to move on from Ten,” says the source. “She wants a plum role, and is not the sort of person to sit around and wait!”

Meanwhile, over on ABC, there’s talk Leigh Sales will be replaced by someone quite shocking.

After the ABC news veteran announced she was stepping down from hosting 7.30 after 12 years, there’s been plenty of interest to fill her big shoes.

“Lisa Wilkinson put her hand up right away and so did Waleed.”

(Image: Instagram)

“Lisa Wilkinson put her hand up right away and so did Waleed [Aly], but word is the bosses think he’s too heavily aligned already with The Project brand,” reveals an industry insider.

And while regular stand-in Laura Tingle might take 48-year-old Leigh’s spot, there’s one other contender.

“The surprise in the mix is veteran newsman Stan Grant. He has a lot of integrity, and won’t be fazed by anyone!

“I think Leigh would happily hand over the reins to such a fine candidate.”

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