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Remembering Paul Walker on what would have been his 43rd birthday

On what would have been his 43rd birthday, we celebrate the life of Paul Walker, in his own words.
Paul Walker

It’s hard to believe this November will mark three years since Paul Walker’s life was cut short after her lost his life in a tragic car accident.

September 12, 2016, marks what would have been the actor’s 43rd birthday.

Remembering his son, the star’s father, Paul Walker III told E! News: “I feel his presence every day. I miss talking to him a great deal. He had a good heart.”

Paul sadly died in a horrific car accident in Los Angeles on November 30, 2013, when the Porsche he was a passenger in crashed into a pole and burst into flames.

The 40-year-old was leaving a charity event, was in the middle of filming his seventh movie in the hit Fast & The Furious series.

To celebrate his incredible legacy, we look back at some of the star’s most inspirational quotes.

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On raising his daughter, Meadow: “I’m into being a dad, that’s where my focus is most of the time. I’m an actor that’s my job, but it’s not my life. I have a lot of other interests too.”

On having perspective: “There’s more to life than movies.”

On how he escapes: “Surfing soothes me, it’s always been a kind of Zen experience for me. The ocean is so magnificent, peaceful, and awesome. The rest of the world disappears for me when I’m on a wave.”

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Paul with his beloved daughter, Meadow.

On his love for the great outdoors: “Being out in nature is a big part of the way I am the way I am today.

On becoming a dad: “I was really freaked out [about becoming a dad]. The whole thought of being a dad was scary to me. It’s kind of like that Creed song that says, ‘I don’t know if I’m ready/To be the man I have to be.’ Every day, you find yourself scratching your head, going, ‘Wow am I really? I guess I really am!'”

On being fearless: “I’m not afraid of anything. That’s just the way I am.”

On raising Meadow to be grounded: “I have a daughter and she’s been going on camping trips with me recently. It’s important to me that she experiences those things and grows while doing all that. I think sometimes it may be overwhelming for her because of who her daddy is and what he does.”

Since the star’s death, his daughter has launched the The Paul Walker Foundation.

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