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Noni Hazlehurst’s scathing Logies speech

Aussie actress Noni Hazlehurst used her TV Week Logies speech to make a powerful point about the current inequalities in the entertainment industries.
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At last night’s 2016 TV Week Logie Awards, Noni Hazlehurst was ushered into the Hall of Fame, but she made sure to acknowledge that she is only the second woman (the first was Ruth Cracknell) in 32 years to have been given the honour.

Her stinging speech rung true with the audience as she spoke about unity and empathy, but also in the current climate, a lack thereof. Noni said: “I fear that our hearts are growing cold.”

“The fact that I’m only the second woman to be given this honour is merely a reflection of the prevailing guard. As the suggestion has been made in some quarters the eligibility of esteemed colleagues Waleed Aly and Lee Lin Chin going for Gold is questionable.”

This could have been a pointed stab at Kitty Flanagan’s rip on Lee Lin Chin earlier in the night, saying that she was a “wack job”.

“Things are changing. They’re changing slowly,” Noni continued.

“The great thing about glaciers if you’re not on them you go under. I’ve been riding that glacier for 40 years. And I’m staying on top of it. Graham Blundell once wrote about me said no-one does ordinary and vulnerable like Noni Hazlehurst.”

“But then I thought it’s OK. Because in fact we’re all vulnerable and we’re all ordinary. Although, a lot of our energy is spent trying to prove the opposite.”

The long-time actress and host has been a focal point in the Australian entertainment industry and spoke of her fond memories.

Among movies and TV work, she hosted both Play School and Better Homes and Gardens for many years.

“Forty-three years is a long time and yet it seems like an instant,” she said. “So much so that this is something of a shock. I’m very honoured and very humbled and I thank you.”

Bravo for making a lasting impression in our minds with your powerful words last night, Noni! Let’s hope we see change.

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