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Meet badass grandma Baddie Winkle

There are certainly no knitting needles or rocking chairs in sight when this grandma is around.

Baddie Winkle is one grandma who cares little about convention.

Well into her 80s, she is groovier than ever, and still rocking leotards, crocheted bralettes and rainbow heels better than most a quarter her age.

Recently she celebrated her 88th birthday and did not spare any expense on going all out. The party was filled with a princess hat, multi-tiered cake and pompom earrings. No rocking chairs or knitting needles in sight.

The great grandmother of three and grandmother to eight children ranging in ages from 17-48 is a social media star. And it’s easy to see why with a bio that reads: “stealing your man since 1928.”

Her Instagram account is followed by over 2.1million people. You can jump on board here.

We promise you’ll look a lot more forward to the ‘golden years’ if you do.

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